26 Jan Why You Should Cut Down on Buying ‘Designer’ Coffee



JUAN SAYS: Attention Social Climbers, please stop taking pictures of your Starbucks drink. It is costing your parents Php 2,000 a month for you to post on instagram and facebook. Sadly, everybody is laughing at you right now. Surely no, it’s the climb!


Why you should cut down

on buying ‘designer’ coffee


Source: ABS-CBNnews.com


MANILA – Spending on designer coffee can be costly if computed on a yearly basis.

Buying a cup of designer coffee at least 3 times a week will cost about P500, which amounts to P2,000 for 12 times a month, and balloons to P24,000 in one year.
“If they realize that, I don’t think a lot of people would be taking designer coffee everyday because you spend at least P120 on a small cup of coffee,” Lei Sison, managing editor of Smartparenting.com.ph told ANC’s “On The Money.”
Sison believes P24,000 can be spent wisely on other things, such as a vacation or on an investment.
“You could probably plan a trip and start a holiday fund using that amount. I know some people who use their money to invest in a condo unit,” Sison said.
“Any investment of that value is never a waste. It’s an investment you could use maybe 10 years from now,” she added.
Sison said P24,000 can also be used to fund education expenses; medical emergencies; or retirement.
But for those who can’t kick the habit of drinking coffee on a daily basis, Sison suggests investing on a coffee machine to avoid paying for an expensive cup.
“We invested on a single-serve coffee machine, which tastes as good. The coffee tastes as good but I only spend about P20 to P40 a cup. Initially, the investment will be there but in the long run, if you keep using it, I think it’s worth every peso you pay for,” she said.
Other coffee alternatives are the 3-in-1 variety, home brew, or single-drip servings.
“If you make it a regular thing, if it’s a daily thing, you should just save the designer coffee for more special occasions. Maybe your daily coffee can be from somewhere else, somewhere more affordable. That way too, it becomes something it’s meant to be for—a treat. Then it really becomes something special,” said Sison.


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