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I am a vivacious eater.
And by vivacious, I mean I absolutely adore eating just about anything and my hobbies include eating out and going to the gym to pay for the food that I have just consumed. I have always lived by the motto that life is too short to scrimp on eating your favorite food (even if this means you can’t fit into your favorite short shorts the next day) so might as well stuff your face constantly.
I am also a retired emotional eater, so yes, there have been moments where I would eat-cry, meaning crying about a current life frustration while eating an entire bag of chips, soda, and cupcakes.
That’s all behind me now and since I turned 25, I have adopted a more or less more active approach to life, however what I can’t say that I have been good with the eating healthy part. It’s not an excuse but leaving the house at six am and getting home at seven pm everyday can sometimes mean that I don’t have enough in me to cook and prepare anything that seems “clean” (honestly, is there such thing as dirty food? All food is glorious, in my own humble opinion).
So it came as a pleasant surprise when a friend, Rochelle, contacted me through Facebook to let me know about Weigh to Go, her sister’s food delivery service that serves scrumptious calorie counted meals. Weigh to Go is the brainchild of Celebrity Chef Rosebud Benitez – Velasco and Nutritionist / Chef Aisel Pajuyo. Both passionate about eating right without having to sacrifice taste, Weigh to Go is a great alternative for major foodies like me who still want to lose weight.
Just as a background, Weigh to Go was started in the hopes of combining the best of both worlds: enjoying delicious food while not gaining weight because of its calorie controlled portions.
As per Chef Rosebud, “Well, with the calorie counted diets, you can still enjoy delicious food but not gain any weight because it is portion controlled according to its calorie content. You get to eat just enough food to provide the energy needed for your day. It’s quite simple really, calories in versus calories out. The number of calories you eat has to be smaller than the number of calories you burn in order for you to lose weight. For female, we recommend the 1200kcal especially those who live a sedentary lifestyle. For the males and the more active ones, like those who work out twice or thrice a week, we recommend the 1500 or 1800kcal.”
So without any end goal in mind other than starting to treat myself better, I took on the challenge, ditched the iced coffee (my beloved), and started my journey to healthy living.
Let me just start off by saying that Weigh to Go has the best possible service of any diets I’ve tried previously (yes, my mom and I may have tried more than our fair share of fad diets). Chef Rosebud, along with Ate Baby, was very accommodating and even offered to send my food all the way to the South. I believe what really helps turn something great into excellent is the service and Weigh to Go just really up that alley.
My first day started out great because I was served with Pancakes (yes pancakes!) and I thought to myself, “Wow, I can really do this.” Fast forward to 9 am and I thought to myself, “What did I do to deserve such torture?” while lovingly looking at our office pantry.
It wasn’t that the food wasn’t good because it was excellent, it was just that I wasn’t used to not munching anything in between meals. It was particularly difficult for me to not have my beloved ice coffee and I may or may have not thrown a hungry fit in the first three days.
However, just like anything in life, it did get better. It also helped that the food was prepared generously (kasi yung totoo, some food delivery diets scrimp on the taste!) and you can feel the richness with every bite. By week two, I was no longer throwing out office chairs (may or may not be true) and was actually enjoying the healthy lifestyle.
The three weeks went by like a blur and I was finally able to fit into the crop top that I’ve been eyeing without seeing my brother gag in disgust. My body was also responding well to the fact that I was no longer eating out of a greasy box five times a week.
It rebooted my system and the three weeks was more than enough to rehash the way I was doing things.
More than anything really, it was nice to finally do something that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s nice to treat your body with respect and most importantly, it’s nice to finally take initiative instead of constantly pulling it off. More than the physical changes, I was pretty proud of myself because I finally laid down the excuses and went to work. It’s true that when you take care of yourself you unconsciously treat others better too. It’s not about just “looking” good but also about feeling good about yourself. There’s a certain pride that comes with knowing you are active about making changes in your life and dropping the excuses.
So today, if you feel like it’s time to make changes, visit Weigh to Go PH on Facebook and Instagram, I promise you, you won’t regret it.


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