04 Apr The Sad Case of Yaya Meals



JUAN SAYS: This piece is not an attack on rich people but this piece is certainly an attack on how some rich people think. By now you may have heard about the yaya meal incident of Maggie Wilson in Balesin Island. And the yaya meals do not come as a surprise to us since it is already a common practice in many clubs and establishments in Metro Manila. If we remember it correctly, there was a condo that did not let the help ride on the same elevator as the unit owners; and there are also small canteens which cater to drivers and yayas in some clubs in the metro.
Contrary to public belief, this is NOT about the expenses of paying for another mouth at a dinner table or restaurant, but it is really a bad case of discrimination. While we believe that the Philippine society is quite vocal about equality, these very people are the same ones who would send their drivers/yaya’s to staff cafeterias to eat pork or chicken adobo or menudo or what-have-you, while they dine on sumptuous menus prepared by chefs.
What’s so wrong with that, one may ask? Well, many, to be honest about it. What’s so wrong with letting your yaya or your driver eat the same food as you do? And what’s so wrong about setting a table on the same restaurant for the yayas and the drivers? What’s so wrong with letting them indulge once in a while with you, you may just earn their trust, respect and loyalty dahil tinatrato ninyo silang tao at hindi hayop.
This leads us to remember the story of Lazarus the leper from the bible. A rich man threw bread crumbs at him as he scrambled to eat it with the dogs. And when the rich man died he was sent straight to hell, and Lazarus the leper was in heaven when he died. (Read Luke 16:19-31) Go figure why.
Same old issue, just on a different time.
And to top it all, we’d like to bet that some of these “rich people” who asked for the servants meal hear mass on Sundays and/or are members of organizations who have charity projects for the poor. Some are even featured on newspapers and/or high-end magazines that people like us have read about and have once in our lives, hoped to be. Well, we’ve woken up from the delusion haven’t we?
Hypocrisy at its finest. Sarap paghahampasin ng jetski sa mukha!
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