31 Dec The Assassination of Pablo



In an article by Pepper.ph: The Pablo cheese tart, with its perfectly browned crust and pale custard, looks just about perfect. The tart, standing at 5 inches and boasting a thin layer of mango jelly looks like it’s worth the entire Php 600 you spent on it.


The Japanese cheese tart should be a revelation. You paid enough money to get yourself roughly 16 pieces of lord Stow’s egg tart, you’re paying the gratification that those 16 egg tarts should provide you.

I’d rather get those 16 egg tarts. Seriously.

There’s no gooey, decadent custard that falls lazily on your plate. Instead, you get this airy substance that resembles badly whipped cream more than anything else. There’s no musky cheese that cuts through the tart that would keep you preoccupied. Pablo’s is just a bowl of air disguised as a tart. It’s only defining feature; the extremely flaky crust that you’d rather separate from that farce that was supposed to be the tart. The mango jelly did not help either, its tartness overpowering the almost nonexistent flavor of the dessert.

The hype over the cheese tart is by no means validated by what was presented. In the end, it’s nothing but hype. No self-respecting person should purchase this pretender. Save that P600 for those egg tarts, or 30 choco butternut munchkins, or a massage you really want but can’t get because you spent it on this tart. Take our advice, don’t fall into their cheesy lie.

JUAN SAYS: Oh wait. We thought they were talking about CHIZ. Isn’t Chiz’ real name PABLO? Shucks, it’s cheese tarts by Pablo, idiot.

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