11 Aug Stripper Diets for the Man in our Lives



JUAN SAYS: You were wondering what the fuss was all about. And after the euphoria of Magic Mike died down, you still catch your girl watching clips on youtube. Sure you are secured with all her love for you. She goes as far as saying she doesn’t care whether you look like David Hasselholff during his heydays in Baywatch, with a salbabida around your belly. She even shared that Dad Bod article of Leo di Caprio saying she really prefers a guy with a few pounds packed here and there. But then again, why does she and her friends ogle at the six pack abs of Channing Tatum with matching screams of: Kanin! Unlimited rice please!
Let’s get real now. We do love the man in our lives and we really don’t mind the added fat around the gut area. But that wouldn’t stop us from wishing that he would have those washboard abs that would send us off the moment our legs touch it. It’s not just about being healthy (thank you for quitting those cigs), but we would appreciate something rock solid to hold on to (and no, we don’t just mean that thing down there).
GQ interviewed a couple of male strippers and got to draw out what they eat, and how they keep those gorgeous bods with the help of working out. “You are what you eat,” as the old adage goes after all. You may not need this for the simple reason that you’ve got a high paying job and a fast car to keep her swooning (well, that’s what you think). But isn’t it also part of your job to keep her drooling over you.
Here is one secret, we love objectifying men ten times more than you do. We talk about men’s abs, men’s butts, their biceps and shoulders. And for that simple reason, we would like to talk about you, the man in our lives, rather than some Hollywood actor that has the moves and a body to boot.
Here are the excerpts from GQ’s interview:
Do you have a specific diet that you follow?
Yeah, I follow a low carb diet all year round to keep in shape. At the same time I do fitness modeling for magazines. I can’t do desk work.
Do you have a cheat day?
Sometimes, it depends on the season, usually more in the summer. Most of the time, Mondays or Sundays are my cheat days. I do literally, like, a junk food day. I like Nutella. I do a cheat day, and then six days of a strict diet. That way I can monitor my body much better. And if a photo-shoot is coming up, then no cheat day.
Okay. Hardcore.
Yeah, hardcore.
What body type do most clients prefer?
Mostly people prefer something in the middle. We call it lean and mean. Not everybody likes big guys.
Do you do a lot of cooking?
I love to cook. You gotta love the kitchen, ’cause you can’t eat out. You have to cook your thing. So you gotta love it.
What’s your specialty?
I do mostly a nice salmon, asparagus, brown rice.
Do you take any supplements?
Yes. I have to take the protein supplements every morning with oatmeal.
Gregory a.k.a. Black Diamond
What diet do you follow?
I’m a vegetarian so I stay away from meat. Which is the easiest way to diet. I also stay away from sweets.
How do you get enough protein?
I have naturally good genetics. Being a vegetarian is the easiest way to stay in shape because you’re gonna be very picky. I like my greens. I like my fish. I like some shrimp here and there. But I eat more like a vegan, actually. Lots of vegetables and greens.
Do you like to cook?
I mostly cook for myself. When I’m out, I still eat very healthy.
Do you have a cheat day?
Yes, mostly it’s on Sunday. When you diet all the time, your body’s hungry for something. You shouldn’t leave your body suffering like that. Maybe have a piece of cake or a sweet bun.
What’s your favorite kind of cake?
Ice cream cake, chocolate ice cream with a mix of vanilla in it.
What’s the hardest part of your job?
The hardest part is dealing with the females. Tonight, tomorrow night, there will be three to four hundred girls in one shot. Compared to that dieting is just normal. We get hired for this job because of how we look. We don’t hire guys with a potbelly. This is not a muscle-head type of club. It’s about looking pleasing to the women. But they don’t go to you just because you weigh 200 pounds. They don’t really care. It’s more about sustaining shape.
What diet do you follow?
I don’t follow a particular diet. I just try not to take in any carbs, any sodium, or any sugar. Steamed chicken and vegetables. I try not to eat too much rice, but sometimes I’ll eat rice in the middle of the day. And in the morning egg whites and cereal. Cereal is carbs, but whatever.
Why no sodium?
Because it retains water and makes you look fatter.
What did you do before working at Hunk O Mania?
I used to work in finance. When I lost my job seven years ago, I started doing this. Some guy saw me in the gym and said you should try this, I had never thought of stripping before.
Do you stay away from coffee when you’re dieting?
I drink lots of coffee. Coffee dehydrates you. It makes you look leaner if you drink it right before the show.
What else do you do to prepare for a show?
First of all, kneepads. We talk to the girls like this (kneels down). Because if we talk to them like this (stands), they could feel intimidated. We go on our knees a lot.


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