06 Aug It’s Lechon with a Twist



As the biggest foodie on the planet (my planet at least), it brings me great delight to discover food that would not be considered “normal”. The more eccentric, the better. I greatly appreciate food that has been well thought of and presented in a different way. This is the reason why it brought me great joy when Boneless Bob delivered this feast to my home.
It’s basically all our favorites with one common magic factor: OUR BELOVED LECHON. So imagine the face I made when I bit into the scrumptious Lechon Wrap, Lechon Bili Bombs, and the delightful Pritchon all served with the special ChimiChurri sauce. The ChimiChurri sauce originates from Argentina but with a special twist from the owners of Boneless Bob.
Imagine having a party of all these wonderful creations in your mouth and it not being a dream but a reality. Boneless Bob has given Filipinos a different way to enjoy everyone’s favorite Lechon Belly from Cebu. And the best part is, their menu consists of delights for less than 200 pesos.
It’s delightful yet sinful and one you should enjoy but make sure you walk or dance it out right after.
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