22 May How to Spice Up your Weekends with Whiskey


We understand that the heat just makes you want to stay indoors, open the air conditioning and yeah, bask in the cold air that comes out of it. If given the option to walk around semi-naked, we’re sure that you would do it. To say that summer is hot in the Philippines has become an understatement.


While we all wish to be trapped inside a walk in freezer, we know that you are itching to be surrounded by friends. Anyways, we all live for the weekends, right? Let us liven them up with a dash of Jameson and some fun ideas to change things up.

If you’re one of the lads and ladies looking to broaden their options for enjoyment, read on!

1. Making connections: a BBQ meet and greet
Looking to meet new people but don’t like the pressure and predictability of the party scene? Host a potluck party and require your invitees to bring a single friend… and their potluck dish of course. Your job, then, as host, is simply to provide the venue, the food, and the booze. Pour some Jameson Irish Whiskey over ice and top up with ginger ale. Stir to mix. Take a large wedge of lime, squeeze and drop it into the glass. Now sit back and watch the sparks fly!

2. Stack them up for Board Game Night
Still hate the heat even at night? Set up for a comfy night indoors by inviting your geeky friends for a rousing game of anything from mahjong to Dungeons and Dragons!

3. Movie marathon and chill
Invite people over to watch the latest season of your favorite series or movie trilogy and you’ll realize that there’s a special kind of bonding that can only happen over hours of cinematic ploys and several servings of pizza. End the night with a few Jameson and beer combos.

4. Get creative: host a cocktails contest
Love to get all lush but are getting bored with your regular tipple? Tap your friends’ creative sides and host a make-your-own cocktail party, complete with a small prize for the creator of the most delicious mix!

Provide the basics: a couple of bottles of your base, such as Jameson Whiskey; a good supply of basic ingredients such as mint leaves, lemons, sparkling water, and soda; and a heaping amount of bar chow.

Jameson is a good base for cocktails for its smoothness and versatility.

5. Rough it in style: explore Glamping
Sleeping under the stars is great, but let’s face it: not everyone enjoys sand in their sleeping bag. But there’s a new trend that’s worth checking out, dubbed “glamping”: basically camping, but in style. You get to sleep outdoors under the night sky, but you also get the benefit of creature comforts like running water and a working bathroom.

Spice up cool nights with a nice hot toddy by steeping a tea bag or some ginger in hot water and pour the brew into mugs. Add some Jameson whiskey, honey, and lemon to taste. Stir with a cinnamon stick, and share stories around the campfire with your buds!

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