03 Jul Homemaking 101: Ang Babaeng Ayaw Magluto Dapat Magasawa ng Lalaking Ayaw Kumain



JUAN SAYS: Cooking as our mothers would say, is one of the minimum requirements before one should even consider getting married. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It used to annoy us when we were younger. Yaya is there to prepare our meals, why on earth do we need to learn how to cook?


Truth be told, many of us were forced to face the kitchen stove and stick those sandoks inside the pan. We were forced to memorize by heart all the hand-me-down recipes from our lolas to our mothers. Every woman in the family knows the by heart, and it is a fool-proof “potion” that won the hearts of your dad, your lolo and your lolo’s lolo. If these tough men were conquered by the food that the women in your family ate, then why can’t it do its magic on the man you love?

Cooking or baking at that is not just about the taste. In fact, it is a loving process from buying fresh meat and vegetables from the market, cutting them into bite size pieces. Cooking is love. As we have always said, cooking for someone is really a symbol of love, especially for women like us here in JUAN, who are always on the go.

“I don’t cook for just anyone,” we heard Sisa say one time. “I cook because I love you. I will NOT bring myself to the grocery and pick the right meat and vegetables just because you happen to come by the house. You have to be special,” she adds.

Cooking with the heart can be felt in the taste buds, believe us, we know. The process of cooking specialty dishes takes a lot of effort and a trusty gas range. For delicate dishes like lengua, callos, among many other things, you might just be needing more than one burner. A small one for sautéing, a bigger burner for boiling meat. And we at JUAN grew up with a trusted brand – La Germania.

We remember standing side by side our moms as they instructed us how to make these famed dishes. We remember how we sat beside the stove waiting for the right time when the meat comes to a boil. We remember crying over burned garlic and burned hard boiled eggs because we were too busy blabbing on the phone with our friends.

La Germania brings so many memories and today, as we moved out of our old homes and begin our lives living on our own, we still look for our trusted brand when it comes to cooking our “pamana” dishes. And we couldn’t ask for more.



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