12 Sep Healthy Sweet: How 2BU?



JUAN SAYS: Sugar without the guilt? Yummy!


sugar2Nowadays, homemakers are becoming even more discerning in what they serve the family. There is a constant effort to trim down on unhealthy food and shift to meal plans that best address their dietary needs.

However, faced with staples like rice and food selections doused in rich flavors and high-concentration of sugar, salt, and other additives, concerned parents are left to identify less ‘sinful’ options.

Sugar Blend is an authentic alternative to sugar that lets the family indulge in everyday sweetness with less the calories. With a balanced mix of sugar and sucralose, Sugar Blend enhances food and beverages with the same sugar sweetness, but using only half the amount. Using Sugar Blend in home-cooked dishes can help manage sugar intake among children, without sacrificing the energy they need for the day or the taste that keeps them on the table.

Now, parents can serve treats made using Sugar Blend and worry less about indulging their kids. Pancakes and muffins can retain their freshness and premium taste and still be healthy. Homemade ginataan, halo-halo, and polvoron can be shared generously without the guilt feeling. Jellies, marmalade, and spreads can all be prepared at home for the week ahead.

Helping children attain their fullest potential is perhaps among the greatest challenges to parents, and using Sugar Blend in their food is one of the best ways to ensure they are on the right track.

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