18 Jun Go Breadless Series: Red Bell Pepper Sandwich



JUAN SAYS: theprimalparent.com shares her experience in going breadless. What do you pack for your child’s lunch for a field trip? The writer didn’t want to give her little girl anything processed, even gluten-free bread is out of the question. It is still processed rice flour after all.
The writer goes: “So I rolled the turkey in the cheese and thought I’d throw in some bell pepper and olives on the side. In a hurry, I cut the bell pepper, not down the middle, but off to the side a bit so one side came out looking flat.
“Hey,” I thought, “I could make a sandwich with two of those.” So I cut the other in the same way, put the turkey and cheese in between, threw some olives in the bag, and ran off to camp.
Later, I put the thing up on Facebook and after a couple hundred likes and a hundred shares I realized that just maybe no one had ever done this before. In all the years I’ve been avoiding bread – that’s 8 – I haven’t either.
So, nature really did make something perfect for fitting stuff between two pieces of something that won’t fall apart or give you diabetes. We just didn’t know about it till now.
When I picked up Evelyn (the writer’s little girl) later and asked her how she liked her sandwich, she said, “YUMMAY!”



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