16 Jun Go Breadless Series: Cucumber Subs



JUAN SAYS: Cucumber subs as tried by Kristen of makethebestofeverything.com Because some people are replacing carbs from bread with carbs they get from vegetables. A healthy alternative to people on a diet, and those who need to cut down on carbs. Try this later, and tell us about it. This is the first article for our “Go Breadless Series.” We hope this helps you.


I am always looking to switch up lunch. Its fun to think of ways to “think outside the sandwich bread.” Sandwich bread is often 90 calories a slice, and full of carbs. We can do better than that, can’t we? I decided to try this cucumber sub. I honestly didn’t know how it would turn out. If you’re interested in more low carb lunch ideas. Check out my post 12 NON Bread lunch ideas. Another great recipe is my Tuna Melt on an Apple Slice.
This cucumber sub isn’t the most perfect situation ever, but it works. When I made this cucumber sub, I didn’t anticipate having an entire mouthful of cucumber. I think that this sandwich works much better as an open-faced sandwich, much easier to eat.
I used Low Sodium Turkey lunch meat, laughing cow cheese and mustard in my sandwich. If you are someone who doesn’t eat lunch meat, than chicken, tuna or egg salad would also work great. The possibilities are endless.


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