15 Dec Does Maturity Come With Age?



There is a certain truth to spirits that many may attest to when it comes to taste… age matters. Its aging process determines the spirit’s taste. The amount of time it sits inside the cask plays a crucial role honing its flavors. Connoisseurs and aficionados alike would hold the bottle and check the labels for the age of the spirit knowing that the longer the spirit stays inside the barrel, the richer and bolder the taste. A poison of choice perhaps, or simply the thought that older spirits are the perfect choice of the discriminating palate.


With the current quest for exploring ever more tastes, brands, and categories, we are seeing this across all spirits whether it is the latest boutique gin, the latest whiskey from an obscure Scottish island, and of course, this is true for rum too. And thus, the idea of introducing a new premium single island rum from the Philippines was born.

Don Papa Rum is a small batch rum distilled from the finest sugar cane of Negros Islands. It is aged in American oak barrels for seven years. The Don Papa 10, its special limited edition variant, is aged longer, for ten long years in re-charred oak barrels, making the rum richer and bolder with notes of oak, cacao, and dried fruits. Carefully blended by master craftsmen ingrained in the traditions of Filipino rum-making, Don Papa 10 further enhances the liquor experience of Don Papa Rum.

Don Papa Rum has gained fans worldwide for its rich, smooth taste since its launch in 2012. After winning several awards including Product Innovation of the Year at the Paris Cocktail Spirits Show in 2013, it has successfully gained following in different markets worldwide, specifically Paris, Netherlands, London, Singapore, Thailand, and Manila,



“Whilst it is clearly from the Don Papa stable, it has very much its own character and the higher alcoholic strength enhances its more classic rum attributes,” says Stephen Carroll, the founder of Don Papa Rum.







Highest quality sugar canes are cut and harvested by hand by local farmers and are then brought to one of the local mills for pressing. One the sugar milling process is complete and all the juice is extracted, the resultant molasses, known locally as ‘black gold’ are then distilled at the local Bago distillery.




The rum is then laid to rest in oak casks and is left to age for 10 years in re-charred American Oak barrels which were once used to age bourbon.

During this long aging process, the rum begins to evaporate yielding one of the highest angel shares in the world. The Angel share refers to the evaporation that occurs during cask maturation of spirits. This is due to the extreme heat and humidity on the island where the Don Papa 10 is aged.



This loss in volume may be substantial but this process creates a stronger spirit with rich and potent character. Unlike in other countries, traditional Filipino rum makers do not refill these casks, producing extremely dark and intense rums.

After judicious selection of the best barrels, the rich liquid is then carefully blended by Don Papa’s Master Blender to produce the unique Don Papa 10.





Finally, the liquid is then bottled, packed and shipped to key cities around the world.



The limited edition Don Papa 10 is available in select venues, wine shops, premium hotels and retail outlets such as Kultura Filipino and Duty Free Philippines, and key cities in Europe and Asia.



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