05 Jun Coffee makes dicks stronger: study



JUAN SAYS: So we saw this link on the internet and Sisa, our editor in chief started reading if it was worth publishing and commenting about. As she was about to close the link (thinking it is not worth publishing) she suddenly felt alone, nobody was in front of her nor beside her anymore. Heck all the guys of JUAN (be them gays or straight guys) were queued at Starbucks to get a VENTI cup of their favorite coffee drink, with double shots of espresso. Dibale ng puyat mamayang gabi with matching palpitations. What the fuck guys! What the fuck!
It has been reported that a study conducted by the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston shows that men over the age of 20 who drink two or three cups of caffeinated coffee report less instances of erectile dysfunction than men who laid off the bean.
As explained by one of the authors of the study, Run Wang, caffeine shares many properties with Viagra. The stimulant found in both relaxes the arteries, and allows for more blood flow into the penis, causing an erection.
Co-author David Lopez found the connection between caffeine and boners was most apparent in overweight men. Excess fat can interfere with vascular function, and reduce blood flow to your D.
Source: NewNowNext.com


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