20 Sep Biscuit, How 2BU?



Off-peak, rainy season, is a good chance to score relatively cheaper trips and enjoy destinations leisurely minus the maddening crowd. The sweater weather brought by the rains is also another chance to yearn for a warm mug of coffee especially when you are traveling up in the air. And what better way to enjoy your cup than with a serving of Lotus Biscoff cookies, Europe’s original irresistible and caramelized gourmet speculoos cookies, aboard your flight to paradise.


Lotus Biscoff has recently inked a partnership with SkyJet Airlines, the Philippines’ leading boutique airline, to give Filipinos a wonderful complimentary in-flight snack treat as they journey to their next destination. Countless of Lotus Biscoff cookies have been sampled by happy, tired, excited, adventurous, grateful, and, of course, hungry airline passengers in flights abroad. And now, this experience is yours as you take your next trip aboard a SkyJet plane.

Lotus Biscoff cookies are neatly packed and served with your warm cup of coffee aboard SkyJet plane starting August 2016 to any of the four niche destinations: the green hills of Basco, Batanes; the limestones and clear waters of Coron, Palawan; the world-famous white sands of Boracay (via Caticlan airport); and the country’s capital and the historical heritages of Manila.

The caramel flavor and crunchy goodness of Lotus Biscoff cookies is also a sought after in-flight snack, served by major international airlines. Aside from that undeniable melt-in- your-mouth goodness, Lotus Biscoff cookies have no artificial colors, preservatives, nuts nor animal by-products. Its ingredients are natural and GMO-free. No wonder Lotus Biscoff is acknowledged as one of the best in-flight snacks last year.

“With the partnership with SkyJet Airlines, we aim to provide travelers a light and fun snack to indulge on until you arrive at your destination. We hope to provide Filipinos the experience of enjoying their favorite biscuit to pair with coffee while they take in the wonderful view of the world from the top,” said Emie San Beda, Fly Ace Corporation Product Manager for Lotus Biscoff Philippines.

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