21 Mar Why We’re Cheering on 104.3FM



JUAN SAYS: It was hard to turn off the radio when we found ourselves listening to 104.3 today. It wasn’t the radio station we expected. It was filled with retro songs all right, but not your ordinary retro songs. These were the songs that we were dancing to at the Conservatory, in Street Life (yes on top of the table until the waiter asked us to go down), and all those places we used to hang out in when we were younger.


We found ourselves singing and yes dancing at the back of the car, smiling and thinking of the wonderful memories that these songs have brought into our lives. We know, you are like us too. You smile at an old tune thinking about the last time you heard the song and who you were with. It is nostalgic, to say the least.

Old songs are not just songs, they are actually the catalyst to beautiful memories of the past, of the people we had encountered at one point in our lives. It is re-living the good old days, the number of scotch-7s we downed (and who we threw the glasses at… kidding!), and yes, the people we held hands with (who was that guy again? Hahaha).

That is what 104.3 offers us. A mix of music from our era without the drama (except for that “Against All Odds” airplay at around 3 pm. Where the hell did that come from?) It was like listening to RT again, or the 107 of the 80s. Yung ang ganda lang ng line up. Walang baduy na kanta! Panalo talaga!

We are raving about the station, and we know a lot of you have too. And you know what’s better, there are no over talkative DJs nor tons and tons of commercials. There are no annoying stingers that could ruin the whole sound. Alam nyo yung time na nagrerecord tayo sa cassette tapos ayaw tumigil ng DJ kakadaldal? And he just stops right before the first lyric of the song is sang? WALANG GANUN! And the best part of all? It is streamed, so we were able to continue our walk down memory lane as we opened our laptops. And speaking of DJs, guess who’s on board? Yep, those DJs who used to take our calls when we requested songs and asked them to greet our classmates when we were in high school. Ahhh, Those indeed were the days.

So in the morning, when you drive through traffic, we suggest that you tune into 104.3FM. It will surely bring a smile to your face as you snake your way to the office, yes even when it is 10kph along EDSA.

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