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JUAN SAYS: After the epic episode of the first ever Kalye Serye in the Philippines last Saturday, Eat Bulaga continues to kick Showtime’s balls. In a desperate move to bring its ratings up Showtime introduced three new segments, and had Anne Curtis “twerk it like Miley,” in their show to no avail. Even the evening program of ABS CBN where Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo reportedly kissed on their soap Pangako Sa ‘Yo wasn’t enough to trump the trending #Aldub on twitter, and this happened even when Eat Bulaga’s kalye serye has taken a different turn in its plot. Now the Kalyeserye doesn’t revolve much around Alden and Yaya Dub, but twists into the scripted story of Yaya Dub’s past with the introduction of Tinidora the twin sister of Lola Nidora, and Tidora, who in the past 2 episodes revealed the true relationship of Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora (read: Who Is Your Lola Nidora?).
Yaya Dub was absent in one of the episodes this week, and it was only Alden who was shown walking the palengke of Bicol in search of pili nuts which Lola Nidora asked him to buy. So did the ratings plummet down because of the absence of Yaya Dub? Not quite. Too bad for ABS CBN, but Eat Bulaga seems to have a steady command of the ratings game this time around.
Sa totoo lang, hindi talaga kayang pantayan ng patawang kalokohan ang kilig ng ‪#‎Aldub. At kahit pa anong itapat ng Showtime mukhang hindi matitinag ang #Aldub sensation.
What is with the #Aldub phenomenon that it is reaching greater heights than formula plots for shows? In our last article (4 Lessons We Learned from #AlDub) we have already discussed what we saw in the characters and in the whole plot itself that kept us and the whole Philippines glued on television come lunch time. But to last 40 days, without any signs of wavering in the ratings game is already a fete.
Truth be told, Alden Richards is a B actor. He is not a John Llyod Cruz or a Daniel Padilla or a Piolo Pascual, whose mere presence can already draw crowds and kick the ratings up. Maine Mendoza is practically a new comer and to compare her to Anne Curtis will give an injustice to the later who we have seen grow before our very eyes from the time she was in a popular teen show in GMA to who she is today — a cover girl, an accomplished actress with a face that can rival that of Helen of Troy. So the question lingers in the minds of marketing professionals, what gold mine did Eat Bulaga hit to maintain its status in the last 40 days, using new comers, a new concept/idea that has brought the masses to its knees craving for #Aldub and Lola Nidora, Tidora and Tinidora?
Eat Bulaga has cleverly included the social networking sites and everyone who is in it in the Kalye Serye. Pag nasa facebook ka, hindi mo maiiwasang maging parte ng buhay ng mga karakter ng kalye seryeng ito. Sino sa atin ang hindi nakakita ng picture ni Lola Nidora kasama si Hitler, Charlie Chaplin, Queen Elizabeth at kung sino sino pang tanyag na personalidad ng kasaysayan? Tawang-tawa ka hindi ba? Kasi ang gago lang talaga. Eat Bulaga has clearly used technology to its advantage, and the people who click and share away anything that they find funny and witty.
Articles have been written about what we can learn from #Aldub about marketing, but it misses one point — yung pagmamahal. In a fast paced world we live in, in a world that is full of hatred, in a world where the ideology of equality for both genders have drastically risen, we all have forgotten the basic and most essential to human beings, and that is to love and be loved. Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye hits exactly that. We would like to believe that with the changing times the world has turned so cold that we have forgotten the importance of feelings, of romance, of kilig and chemistry. We have forgotten that life revolves around one thing, no matter how much we deny it. Life is all about love — to love and be loved in return.
We would like to believe that the hashtag ‪#‎LoveWins when the US Courts granted same sex marriage across the whole country isn’t just about homosexual love. We have all rejoiced that finally everybody is free to love who they choose to, that we have defocused ourselves to our own personal choices. While we are happy that every human being is already free to love and be loved for who they are, we have also lost our own selves and our need to love and be loved. We have given much attention to those who we think need it more, that we have forgotten that human love started with two individuals: a man and a woman. We have been so preoccupied with our causes, our careers, our wants and our quest for financial freedom that we have dug up the graves where our true selves lie. At the end of it all, like what we all chanted two months ago, #LoveWins. But in our actions today, in how we live our lives, do we make #LoveWin?
And that kalye serye, that corny and cheesy kalye serye reminds us just that. Young and old, rich or poor are taken by the #Aldub sensation by storm. Conversations about them resonate one thing and one thing only, and that is going back to the basics of love – pure, no holds barred and unprecedented.
As seen in Maine and Alden, the relationship of a man and woman should be simple. A simple smile, a simple nod, a simple indication of mutual feelings should be enough to ignite a chance at love. But we all have become so complicated, so jaded and so “too old for that shit” that the tiniest hint of what we wish to happen in our lives makes us break into a smile. Yung pabebeng kaway ni alden at yaya dub, pustahan tayo minsan mo na ring ginawa ng walang nakakakita! Gusto mo ring magsulat sa papel at ipaskil sa dingding ng dadaanan nya para masabi mo lang ang nararamdaman mo, pero alam mong hindi mo magagawa. Oo corny na kung corny. Napapa-yuck ka na nga sa sobrang ka-corny-han pero pag dating ng alas dose tiyak titigil ang mundo mo at nagaabang ka na sa TV. Kung nagtatrabaho ka naman ng mga oras na yon, tiyak pag uwi mo halos mapudpod na ang daliri mo kaka-refresh ng page ng Eat Bulaga kung nagpload na ba sila ng episode ng #Aldub. Ganun, ganun na tayo ka-adik sa pag-ibig dahil hindi na natin nararamdaman yun sa tunay na buhay. Dahil corny. Dahil parang tanga lang. Dahil “fairytales are full of shit.”
But isn’t it true that fairytales happen everyday? Isn’t it true that fairytales need not be the aged old formula of a Prince marrying a slave? Isn’t it true that you find love not when you are looking for it, but when you are relaxingly enjoying a cup of coffee and he comes in the door, and he simply makes your whole world go in slow motion? Isn’t it that your fairytale happens when he smiles at you, when he teases you, when he just becomes who he is even when it annoys you? Isn’t it that those are the things that make fairytales the stuff that we all are suckers for?
Yan tayo eh. Kunyari galit sa pagmamahal, pero gustong-gusto mo naman maramdaman. Gusto mo naman talaga ng #KiligPaMore pero ayaw mo lang ipahalata. Kasi corny. Kasi mukhang tanga. Yan tayo eh. Yan tayo. Ayusin natin. Baka sakaling yung #Aldub #KiligPaMore mangyari na rin sa tunay na buhay.



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