27 Jun Why is this even on National Television?



JUAN SAYS: We remember clearly the first installment of PBB featuring the then relatively unknown Sam Milby among other characters such as Franzen and that girl that allegedly slept with Sam, Chix (ironic, I know). It also featured faces like Say Alonzo and a lot of drama. In the dinosaur age of 2004 where social media was still relatively new, the concept of Big Brother that was big everywhere else, was enticing to the naturally chismoso Filipino. Safe to say it was a big hit and it launched the careers of Sam Milby, Kim Chiu, Erich Gonzales, and Gerald Anderson. PBB was then then craze and the quickest way to get “famous” in a highly famous country.
During the time of Sam, the younger versions of ourselves by the highly affectionate happenings inside the house and even scandalous relationships like that of Bianca Gonzales and Zanjoe Marudo. However, they were adults and what they did weren’t really different from what we do at the privacy of our homes. However, this edition’s of PBB (eh pang ilan na nga ba) scandalized us at Juan (and believe us when we say that we’re a pretty liberal bunch) because one mga bagets eto and two this is not something one is supposed to see on free national television. We know teens are supposed to be adventurous, rebellious, and doing a lot of their insane stuff. We’ve been there, done that, had our temporary wins and regrets. But seriously people, on National television? On a pseudo reality show, two teen males in a jestful act of humping?
We’re not talking about gender equality here (eh baka may umangal na naman sa rights nila) or LGBT acceptance. What we’re talking about is the fact that despite being the only Christian nation in Southeast Asia, this can be seen freely and widely accepted on TV. Iba naman ang freedom sa immoral and more and more children are crossing the line. These are teens (not of legal age probably) simulating a sexual act on National TV. Is that ok, until there’s an actual sex involved? Will the gays cry foul, and say you are limiting their freedom of expression, and say that is only a beautiful expression of love and playful affection between men on National TV.
We call upon MTRCB to do something about this and uphold the virtues of the good values our society is (sometimes) founded on. We don’t need this trash on our tv screens. Please lang. Also, ano bang point nito kung ganito lang ang ginagawa ng mga bata? 
Seriously people if you want porn. GO watch somewhere else where the world will not see. Sex is for adults and we don’t want the underaged and the unknowing minor getting ideas from national free TV networks. PBB is a 24-hour show, you do the math. I think our values have sunk so low that we think failure to be free to do whatever we want constitutes in human rights violation. So please ABS CBN, enlighten us on this matter.



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