12 Aug Why Can’t Maria Ozawa Stand On Her Own



JUAN SAYS: So the porn star just called Robin Padilla unprofessional? In a news story published by Interaksyon.com and statements released by Robin Padilla’s camp, Robin has already pulled out of their supposed Metro Manila Film Fest Entry “Nilalang,” due to personal reasons. His wife Mariel is pregnant with triplets and is having a sensitive pregnancy that really needs Robin to be there by her side. (Read full story here.)
We would like to assume that many of us would understand Robin’s decision to put his family first before doing this movie. After all, Robin has already metamorphosised from the “Bad Boy” image he once had both in and out of showbusiness, to a doting husband and would-be father. We can and should be forgiving of Robin, especially at this time when they are blessed with not just one but three kids that would make their family complete. If we can just all recall, Mariel suffered a miscarriage not so long ago, and this is already a fulfillment to their wishes after that. What any husband or father wouldn’t do for the sake of his wife and family. That we can all relate to. But maybe for a porn star trying to cross over to mainstream films, this is a different story. Siya na nga naman ang maghubad sa harapan ng camera at umarte kahit hindi niya feel ang ka-tandem niya, but she was required to deliver. We apologize, but somehow, no matter how we think about it, we won’t be able to relate to you Maria.
What we are quite bothered about was the fact that upon Robin’s pull out from the film, the funding partner of the said film also withdraw saying that without Robin, this film will no longer be bankable. We don’t know about you, but isn’t it that Maria Ozawa is sooooo popular that many many men have been raving about her and her performances in her adult films? So what makes it so different this time that she is crossing over to the mainstream media.
Maria Ozawa came to the Philippines and our timelines have been flooded with stories about her. Didn’t she go as far as appearing on the cover of FHM? Sure her men fans have bought not just one but two copies of the magazine (one for their reading, and the other as extra copies just in case the first gets soiled from too much uh… you know what we mean). Didn’t she parade down the catwalk of this magazine’s recent big bash to the cheers of thousands of her men fans. So really, we don’t get it why Maria Ozawa won’t be able to stand alone in a mainstream movies, no matter who the leading man would be.
Unless of course, Maria Ozawa’s fans are just enthralled by her sexual acting and wouldn’t buy anything beyond that? C’mmon men! Show her some love! If you believe that Maria Ozawa is a real artist, please take a STAND. Errr… please STAND UP. Sh** whatever we say and however we say it, doesn’t make it seem right. Geesh. Yan tayo eh. Pag wala ng hubarang involved wala ng suporta! Wag ganun. Wag kupal!



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