14 May Where on Earth is Kris Aquino?



JUAN SAYS: We are a few hours away from the announcement of the winning act in Asia’s Got Talent, yet we haven’t heard any comments from the Queen of All Talk regarding the flack she and co-judge Ai Ai delas Alas are receiving from fans and netizens who believed in Gerphil Flores’ talent. We have already released our piece regarding how we felt about rejecting the said talent in the Philippine version of the show, in favor of a “sell-able” talent (na wagas na pumiyok sa performance. What the fuck?!). We already aired our disgust about their comments, most importantly statements on changing ones preferred genre to more “age-appropriate” songs to be more relatable to the younger fans. Yeah, Charlotte Church sang opera at age 13, how can we be more age appropriate than that?
Today we are awaiting the fate of Gerphil, but in truth, we couldn’t care less if she wins Asia’s Got Talent because we are confident that Gerphil has already earned the respect of the world. We too believe, as reiterated by international star maker David Foster, that she already has a guaranteed spot in the international arena. BUT we are still awaiting how Kris Aquino would turn this situation (win or lose) and make it all about her.


We are waiting Kris, we are patiently stalking your instagram, your shows and your posts, but for the first time, you have nothing to say. You have been awfully quiet, too awful that it pains us not to hear the Kris Aquino side of the story. We know you have something to say, because you always do. We’d like to give you the benefit of the doubt by saying that you are just waiting for the perfect timing, but we know that there is no perfect timing for Kris Aquino. There is just Kris Aquino period.

You’d rather talk about the irate men who screamed at you while in line in the airport saying “get our of my fucking way,” (read it here) rather than give a message of support for Gerphil? Not even saying that “I made a mistake and I wish Gerphil well. Vote for Gerphil?” No nothing?

Not even this?


Or this?


Or this?



And what about this?


Where in earth is Kris Aquino? Is she sick? Is she pregnant? Nakakaloka!

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