26 Aug What Makes You So Special?



JUAN SAYS: Actor Robin Padilla made an appeal to President Duterte to go easy on the showbiz industry. We are NOT happy with this. Sure that celebrities bank on their “reputation” to rake in the bucks for their next movie or advertising endorsement, we also believe that they, knowing what they have at stake, should be very careful of the choices that they make. Their drug habit is a conscious decision. Now that the President launched an aggressive campaign to obliterate illegal drugs by all means, an avid actor-supporter of Duterte asks the President to go easy on them. Instead of naming names, Robin proposes a dialogue.


What makes them so special? It is just a job, and for all the reasons in the world they should have thought about this when they took their first hit.

We believe that this is totally unfair for all those who were named, accused and killed because of illegal drugs. Rich or poor, a wrong is a wrong. No matter who you are, you must face the consequences. Celebrities should not be included.

We are wishing that Duterte’s next campaign is to hang the rapist. Can’t wait for these celebrities and network big wigs to fall.


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