22 Apr What Georgina teaches us in ‘You’re My Boss’



I finally caught You’re My Boss over the weekend and while I have the tendency to say this over every single Filipino film, I couldn’t help but reiterate it again this time, that movie was definitely swak for me.
The lead character, Georgina played by Toni Gonzaga, felt like the epitome of who I was once: an overachiever who was hard to get along with because she had a lot of inner issues that weren’t resolved yet. And while the scene where she admitted that she never went for her first love out of the fear that there was something better out there. While true, it also made me realize that her character (based on my perspective and emotions) always wanted people to prove themselves to her.
It was all about what people were doing for her and never a question of what she was doing for people. That she wanted so much to be loved, to be appreciated, and to never be hurt again that she constantly looked for how people were proving their worth to her without realizing that everyone around her were already doing everything that they could.
It’s funny isn’t it? Quotes all over the internet constantly reminded us of how we should expect people to treat us. Articles constantly remind women how much men must put in the effort and while it is true that women should be pursued, it doesn’t mean that we will constantly play the game. That’s what Georgina did with her rather handsome ex and at the end of the day, she was left with no one but herself.
And it’s not just in intimate relationships; it’s in all our relationships. How many times have we demanded the people around us to treat us better? How many times have we blamed our parents for what they did not do? How many times have we ditched friendships simply because we felt like they weren’t doing for us as much as we did for them? How many times have we walked away because we were looking for others to give us something that we could only give ourselves?
I understand the logic of wanting to protect ourselves but being free is not being entitled. Being free is being confident enough in the truth of who you are and in understanding that even if people don’t reciprocate whatever goodness you have given them, you will be okay. That life is not about keeping score but in understanding that sometimes the scorecard will never be even and that’s okay because life is not about what you gain but in what you invest in the life of others.
And while it’s true that there will be days when you will be majorly disappointed, it’s okay, because at least at the end of the day, you weren’t the one who held back and somehow, on those emotional days, that is more than enough.


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