01 Jul What Ever Happened to Real Pinoy Talent?



JUAN SAYS: We have always believed in the Filipino talent. It is with this belief that we built Juan. This country is a melting pot of talents, and we have proven that many times over to the world. We have exported talents to Broadway shows, Disney, and we won’t be surprised if a Pinoy starred in Cirque du Soleil. But with the onslaught of talent competitions in the Philippines, how come we are sleeping on former contestants? Here is a video of Rhap Salazar who deserves more than just a second look. We were mesmerized by this guy’s talent and we were wondering why do we keep on adding talent show after talent show if we can’t propel the ones who have won?



And just yesterday, the story of award-winning young actor Jiro Manio flooded our timelines. Surely we have heard rumors about this young actor’s drug addiction, but we never really thought that it would come to this. He has already entered rehab in 2011 but apparently the pull of addiction is worse than the will to live and be clean for his two sons. What an extreme waste of talent. There have been a good number of actors who have succumbed to this, but managed to get back on their feet and start anew. We are hoping for the best for Jiro. (To read full story, click here.)
And this. We continue to see the abundance of raw Pinoy talent from the grassroots and we couldn’t be anymore prouder.


She got the moves! Amazing 😉

Posted by Khenjee Deantonio on Friday, June 26, 2015

There is a need to rethink and re-evaluate how we conduct our talent searches, and if what PBB is showing nowadays is an indication of where we are going, then all our efforts would go to waste. We have created a fan base who solely admire people based on looks, and we package them according to what would appeal to the mass market. As we have expressed in our viral article on Gerphil, we think that the strategy that is being used to package our actors, singers, dancers, etc. is solely based on salability and never on the talent per se. Kung anong uso, doon tayo. Let us take the PBB as an example, for many weeks now the LGBT has the spotlight on itself, and then PBB shows us a hint of “same sex relationship” inside their house involving teeners at that. It surely makes us wonder, is this for real? Or is this another plot to reel in viewers, future fans to support what is “uso?” Paano kung hindi na uso? What if the issue is no longer relevant? Saan pupulutin ang mga batang “pinaarte,” para ipakitang relevant sila o ang show? Sa NAIA din? Paikot-ikot, madungis, at wala na sa sariling katinuan?

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