01 Aug We will Marry this Guy in a Heartbeat



JUAN SAYS: No matter what you think of the girls of JUAN, one thing is clear, our hats go off to guys who are ready to settle down. Getting married is not an easy decision to make, especially for the men who are so engrossed with their freedom (and we are not even talking about those womanizers). It is not easy to make that bold step and spend the rest of your life with someone whom you know will occupy much of the space that you have allotted for yourself for many years. And you know what’s more endearing? Guys who are brave enough to face that one man in your life who loved you more than any other guy on earth – your father. But what happens if the girl’s father has passed away? This guy made a touching video of his proposal to the girl whom he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. He faced all her siblings (most were brothers at that) and finally wrote a letter to her deceased father promising to love his daughter as best as he can.
So yes, to all the “papa’s girls” out there, bring those tissues out. You are allowed to cry buckets! Coz we just did.
“I want to be the man who shares her love and patience and gives her everything she needs,” he continues. “I’ll tell her exactly how beautiful she is, and I’ll show her how to believe in herself. I will take care of her. I want to give her experiences people only dream of, and love her unconditionally, because I wouldn’t want to see the world with anybody else.” 03



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