02 Sep Twerk It Like Miley? NO Thank You!



JUAN SAYS: We too are bothered that someone like Miley Cyrus is given much attention and much glorification by the US media and the world in general. Sure she was once that teenybopper in Hannah Montana that we all come to love so much. Sadly, Hannah Montana grew up. She grew up, developed boobs that she flashes them on everyone, adults and kids alike. She may have grown up alright, but we are wondering how her brain developed? There is a twist somewhere inside that we don’t get.


“I see a lot of people with their clothes on, and they’re kind of assholes. I don’t know if it’s the clothes that turn you into an asshole. Like, when you’ve got your tits out, you can’t really be an asshole. You know, it’s like people are already judging you.” She said during her guesting at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

So what has your tits got to do with attitude? We would like to believe that whether you wear tons of clothes or nothing at all, you will be an asshole if you are an asshole. Fashion has nothing to do with that. We just don’t get you Miley. We just don’t.
Here is a commentary by Kat Alano regarding Miley’s recent fashion extravaganza at the VMAs and then some. Yes Kat, you said it! You said it!

A lot of people get on my case when I mention kids because they claim “You don’t have children, you’ll understand when you’re a mom.”
Now, I may not have my own kids, but I’m no idiot. I have a younger brother who I helped raise, I have godchildren and actually, watching my friends raise their kids for years and watching what works and doesn’t has taught me many things.
One of them is that if you let your child watch people like Miley Cyrus take off her clothes and bend over and pretend someone is fucking her from behind, you are setting them up for a teenhood that most parents would cringe to imagine.
The people in Hollywood have lost their minds. Kanye announced he’s running for president and Miley wore a dress with a Smartie covering her vag.

Guys, all I’m asking is that you pay attention to what your kids are idolizing. I know you can’t control them but giving them proper guidance about the people they do idolize needs to happen. Teens start having sex and behave the way they believe society wants them to behave to fit in and be accepted. If these people are the ones who are setting the prerequisite for what the social norm is, OUR FUTURE GENERATIONS ARE SO SCREWED. And literally screwed at that.
Our future generations need to learn that life is not all about what society wants you to be. Our own showbusiness follows the lead from America and sooner or later all the artistas your kids watch here will be doing their own varied Mileys.
From your own teenage years, you know that what your parents said played second fiddle to what society wanted from you. Peer pressure is insane.
Let’s try and push for AT LEAST DECENT values to be at the forefront of our entertainment industry!! For there to be less idol worship and more constructive thinking.
I’m not saying let’s all be prudes but come on. We are setting up our future with an unhealthy image of what they should aspire to be.
If I ever have children I don’t want them to believe they have to act like sex objects to fit in. You may not think what these people do are harmful, but just look at the difference in our society from just ten years ago.
In the 80s twerking would have been a sin.

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