16 Mar UPDATED: Toni Gonzaga – Backhanded insults are more appropriate in comedy bars



JUAN SAYS: This is the first time after so many years that we’ve actually watched the Bb. Pilipinas competition on television. In all honesty, we were waiting for someone to follow the footsteps of Janina San Miguel of the “my pamileee, my pamilee fame,” but our 34 candidates have failed us in this category. Thank goodness they were all in tip top shape and gave the best that they could ever give in a competition (well, we are trying to ignore the silicone slip up of #33). Kudos to all the Bb. Pilipinas Candidates of 2015. You are all queens!
We were also excited (ok disappointed that we won’t be able to bash that Columbian designer. Where’s the fun in that??!) that Bb. Pilipinas Charities announced that they have opened its doors to Filipino designers to make the national costumes for the international pageants. This means that we will no longer have a cake, 3-in-1 ice cream, sapin-sapin, eskayola and what have you as a peg for our national costume come Miss Universe 2015. Sigh.


But what got our attention (was it deliberate on her part) was Toni Gonzaga, who was the female host of this year’s Bb. Pilipinas competition together with actor Xian Lim. And it’s not about the gown.

Toni must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed and she has forgotten tact and sensitivity when she came on stage tonight. While we laughed with her and loved her hosting in other TV programs like The Voice, ASAP and The Buzz, we were quite annoyed by how she ridiculed the contestants during the “Question and Answer” portion. We are not beauty queens (though one of the owners of JUAN was once a title holder — guess who, and our moms say that we are beautiful in their eyes) but we feel for the contestants and we know that this is the most dreaded part of the competition. Hindi ba niya naiintindihan yun?

Here is an example:

Candidate #14: It is my first time in a pageant?

Toni: Are you looking forward to a second time?

Kinakabahan na nga yung tao, binasag mo pa!
Another instance was when Toni commended the surname of one of the candidates which happens to be “Catacutan.” The poor candidate just gave Toni a look. And we would have done that too — head to foot pa! Let’s turn the tables now on you Toni, what if you were the beauty contestant (with all the jitters and fears of falling flat on your face literally) and a well-known host suddenly balks at you and says: Wow I love your eyes. Which side of the venue does which eye see? Diba mapapataas din ang kilay mo? Hindi sa lahat ng oras DAPAT kang mang-okray. May pinipiling pagkakataon yan!

One candidate came up to answer her question and Toni noticed her huge earrings (didn’t all of them wear huge ones tonight?!). She then says, “may theme song yang earrings mo. Chandelier.” May theme song din kami para sa hosting mo ngayong gabi: Wrecking Ball.

EXACTLY Cary Santiago. EXACTLY! Hindi lang pala kami ang nakapansin!

In our opinion, Toni was a bit too much. She gave too much of herself when she was asked to answer the same question as one of the finalists about marriage. Though Toni’s answer was true and quite memorable (which we totally forgot haha), she should have just shunned the question and refocused her hosting to what it was supposed to be – the candidates and not herself. Kahit pa tinanong ka ni Xian. Alam mo dapat ang trabaho mo. We understand that you were hired to give the show some life. We have no questions about your capabilities as a host. You have proven time and again how good you are, and in the many times you’ve done your job, we too have enjoyed listening to you. BUT what you did last night was befitting a Toni Gonzaga show, not someone who is supposed to highlight the candidates and not belittle them. You are not Kris Aquino. And we were hoping that you will not be like her — the center of the universe. Yes, you are Toni Gonzaga and you have gotten this far because of your talent, skills, blood, sweat and tears. You don’t need to rub it off on the face of the contestant that you are supposed to toss, nor should you even highlight yourself, past the candidate’s answering the question(s). You don’t need to praise the contestants, you don’t even need to be observant of the things she is wearing, saying or whatever else. You just need a good exchange with her Toni. Please be reminded that not everything is about you Toni. Not everything. At hindi ito comedy bar for crying out loud!
Sure we could hear the audience in Araneta laughing at and with Toni. Sure many of her fans would say that they were not offended nor was her language “belittling” to the contestants, but we’d like to throw this question back to you. Are we this type of audience now, that we rejoice in the humor of someone who purposely demeans somebody to solicit a few laughs? Then she is no better than the stand up comediennes.




There are different styles of hosting and your language and demeanor must fit the occasion. Nakalimutan niyang seryosong beauty pageant pala ang assignment niya tonight at hindi sa comedy bar. Sayang, ang ganda mo pa naman. Kala namin beauty queen ka rin eh.


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