18 Aug This Spanish Stud teaches us how to use a condom



JUAN(A) SAYS: Sinvergüenza! Sino ang jindi magkakagusto na magpasacop sa mga Español. Sa bucid, sa palengce, sa bahay, kajit sa coche! sacupin mo ako cuya!
Mabubuhay mula tha jucay an mana prayleng Castila no? Cung cami sa Juan ang pipili nan modelo para sa ganitong advocacia, maaaring puwede si Coco Martin, moreno y maticas. Sanay sa indie! Puwede rin si señor paolo avelino, mestizo at mapapahiyao ca habang naghuhubad pa lamang. Eh cun mai edad naman an tipo nan mana indio, gorabels kay albert martinez, thiya ai hot daddy, eh? Cun boy next door naman, Gora kay alden richards, cigurado hindi ka masasactan sa cama at sureness na gentle ciya eh? Ah bacit aco ganito magthalita eh? Para acong baclang castila eh?
Ahhhh… it’s videos like these that put everything in the right perspective. Happy thoughts for the rest of the day. Tanggal init ng ulo. Tanggal emote. Tanggal drama. Tanggal heartaches. Ahhhh MEN. Especially the TISOYS! How great it is to be loved by you!
JUAN SAYS: What we are trying to say here is this: where were videos like these when we were taking sex education classes back in the day? We couldn’t believe how educational this step by step process of how to put on a condom. We may all think that putting on a condom is that simple, but reality is it is not! This infomercial is even better than how most health workers demonstrate this in the baranggays. Imagine they were using bananas as substitute for penises and some women from far flung areas would actually think that to prevent pregnancy, one must insert the condom on a banana. Nothing gets any better than this! Watch and learn. Heed the warning on the cover NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You’ve been warned!



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