16 Aug There is Harley Quinn and Joker In All of Us



JUAN SAYS: We know, you are still giddy about Suicide Squad. We have seen your posts and we know for sure that you have fallen in love with the love story of The Joker and Harley Quinn. In fact, you went as far as posting in online and saying that theirs is your relationship goals. We know it is a fantasy, and we know that we shouldn’t remind you of that.


Pure-ists of the comic book would tell you that the movie has painted a very wrong picture of the Joker’s and Harley Quinn’s relationship. Joker would often refer to Harley as his “hobby.” You know, something that you go back to when you are bored and with nothing better to do. Comic book fanatics would even go as far as explaining that Joker was abusive of Harley, but we do not dwell on that. For the sake of this article, we shall be zeroing in on the points that the movie has made.

To begin with, the Joker-Harley relationship is one that happens to all of us. We fall in love with the wrong person, or what is perceived to be the wrong person for us. Truth be told, we can never teach our hearts whom to fall in love with. Bad boys fascinate good girls, that is a fact. Many good girls led ‘not so exciting lives’ that they have the tendency to be attracted to the ‘life on the edge’ led by bad boys.

And then there is this ‘Knight In Shining Armor’ kind of thinking. The fairytales of the old has brainwashed us into thinking that we all are princesses and we need saving. We are so smitten by this thought that we begin to think that all of us women are damaged at one point, and that there will one day be a knight who’d come to save us from the wreckage that we have managed to get ourselves into.

Then there is the Joker side in all of us. That side who does not know how to show love, or that side which has an unconventional way of showing love. One day we show someone we care, the next moment we turn cold. One time we are all in and all out, the next moment we are nonchalant.

The parallelism in the tumultuous relationship of The Joker and Harley Quinn to our lives seems to hit too close to home. We all have been in toxic relationships, one that may go as far a being the recipient or the inflictor of abuse, be it physical or verbal. But the one thing that makes us go back is the fact that we do not wish to live our lives without that significant other. For the bored, life will be too plain. For those who thrust the daggers to our hearts, life will be so boring without… well, the hobby, as Joker puts it.

We all have a little bit of Harley and Joker in our lives, and watching the movie (no matter how fictional the story line maybe) somehow validates us that relationships are not supposed to be perfect. Many times the relationships that we manage to get ourselves entangled with are borderline dysfunctional, and no matter how much we want to turn around and walk away, we simply can’t. Or we won’t, because leaving is more painful than staying.

But at the end of it all, there is one thing that should be common amongst all of us — that dream sequence, where the Enchantress showed the Suicide Squad what their heart’s desires were. With all the money, the power that we have in our hands, one thing remains clear, all of us want a family. We all may be hiding in the shadows of fame and the ‘big future,’ our ambitions, our careers, but we all know one thing, life isn’t that much fun with just… things. How much more do we want? How much more do we have to sacrifice for our heart’s true desires? A family, our very own family. We don’t need a big house, we don’t need the backing of our careers nor all the things that money can buy. We don’t need the pomp and grandeur of the spotlight once we nail that account or get that most coveted promotion. But the thought of having a family to go home to, to be with, to nurture and care for, no amount of delusions can screw that.

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