30 Sep The Ratings Are Out! What really won last Saturday?



JUAN SAYS: This is NOT to declare who won in last Saturday’s bout. Just by looking at the statistics on twitter, clearly Aldub won. While a good number of people have expressed their disgust over this kababawan, while many people are starting to be afraid of the future of this nation as indicated by the tweets where priorities seem to center on “kilig pa more” rather than the more important issues of this country, we would still like to believe that something worthwhile still won on Saturday. It is beyond the twitter wars, the noontime show battle of the fans. If one thing won last Saturday, then it must be LOVE.
If the number of tweets on Aldub, and the ratings that we are posting were to be believed, clearly Pinoys are telling the media something, and we as media practitioners should take time to listen. This is what they, our consumers, the viewing public have been wanting to say: they are sick and tired of old plots, the poverty porn, the kumabit at kinabit recycled story twists, and nagkaamnesia ang pucha story clinchers. Even the production value of TV shows no longer play an important role for it to sell to the audience. The paradigm has shifted. It is no longer about elaborate production designs, nor twerks on TV. Not even complicated story lines, nor about the clothes that the celebrities wear. It is no longer just about the pa-kilig factor of couples that are shoved together just because they seem to have chemistry on TV. No, not even Vice Ganda’s pa-kilig antics (kissing Karyl was more disgusting than anything) failed to work last Saturday. We go for ORGANIC, nothing contrived. We watch out for raw emotions, raw reactions, not the rehearsed. And if there is one thing we would praise Aldub for, it is this: SEX no longer sells! LOVE DOES.
As we have said, we can sense that this so-called phenomenon is already over and beyond the kilig factor. Surely if this was just the formula of the scriptwriters of Eat Bulaga, Aldub would have died a month ago. Even in real life, kilig lasts only for a short while – isang linggo? Isang buwan? Yung totoo lang diba. In truth, as we see it, the Aldub story has already evolved, and more than anything it gives us hope for the future generation.
It is about going back to our roots. The 90s have brought about our introduction to the realm of the westernized culture via the canned mini-series played on cable TV. Today, Aldub shows us that even the young Filipinos are clamoring for the traditional Filipino values, the golden rules that we and even our parents, were taught by the lolos and the lolas of the old. These ratings indicate that we want to go back to who we are as Filipinos — magalang, sumusunod sa magulang, may respeto sa sarili at sa ibang tao, na ang tunay na pagibig ay naghihintay sa tamang panahon. Hindi ba’t napakagandang indikasyon nito sa kultura nating mga Pilipino. If we were to view the Aldub story and the lessons it tries to teach its audience, it is no different from what we have heard from our parents, our lolos and lolas when they were still alive. And if we really look at the lives of our elders, those who have “made their lives work” before us, this formula of selfless giving and unconditional love seemed to work. Even the much criticized view of Lola Nidora asking Yayadub to wear something modest, was once upon a time a staple in every sermon made by our elders on how we dress. Diba ang sabi, respect is earned not given nor imposed? While we too believe that men should respect women beyond the clothes that they wear, we also believe that women should give men every reason to respect and protect them starting with the clothes they wear. Hindi pa rin tama ang naka-plunging neckline at puki shorts sa simbahan, kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng marami. Hindi pa rin tama ang magpakita ng maraming balat pagkatapos ay magagalit ka kapag ikaw ang pinagtitinginan. Ikaw ang nagdala niyan sa sarili mo. We should always be conscious of the consequences of our actions – including our choice of clothes to wear. Again, as we have learned respect is never a given, it is earned.
We are slowly re-recognizing our culture, our values that were embodied by our parents and our elders. And to us, it is a very refreshing sight.
Many of us have been jaded, shoved to the corner of being self-absorbed that we have forgotten about love. We have been so independent and self sufficient that we have shunned the need for love – kasi corny, kasi nagiging vulnerable ka, kasi hindi umiikot ang mundo mo sa pagibig, kasi kababawan ang pag-ibig. This so-called focus on ourselves has led us to be what we are today – over achievers but under loved. We have forgotten that love is never a two way street. It is just you giving it freely without asking anything in return. We have learned how to love ourselves more by being unfair to others. Kabig lang ng kabig. Kasi mas mahal mo ang sarili mo kaysa ibang tao. Masaktan na siya, huwag lang ikaw. Hindi ba talaga pwedeng huwag na lang magsakitan? Huwag na lang maglamangan? Huwag na lang bilangin ang lamang ng iba sa iyo?
And where have this brought us? Nowhere if we may point it out.
Let the ratings speak for itself. The nation is shouting louder than ever. But are we ready to listen?


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