29 Sep The Most Misquoted Pope



JUAN SAYS: While Pope Francis maybe known for his more accepting and more encompassing views of the faith, we have seen this quote supposedly from the Pope himself circulating the internet with people nodding in acceptance to what he supposedly said. While we would like to believe that this may be an “all encompassing” view of love and forgiveness, this exact quote (should he have said it) is a direct misinterpretation of what the bible says. The bible, being the Christian’s Word of God, has been the sole source of truisms that many Christian religions and denominations follow as gospel truth. Certainly if you read the bible, there is no such thing as NOT believing in God. Further, if you read this quote properly there is a certain truth in it, but as Christians there is a nagging feeling that something is incredibly wrong in this picture. So we googled and search for this quote to verify if this was true. In an article from snopes.com it says that there is no truth that Pope Francis ever said this. It is a misrepresentation or misinterpretation of what he once said about atheists. The bible is clear about God. And the bible is very clear about how we are to be saved from eternal damnation. Jesus said: “I am the way the truth and the light. Whoever believes in me will not perish. But will have eternal life.” Moreover, a man as knowledgeable as Pope Francis would never regard the church as a structure. A man of his experience would know that when we talk about the church it doesn’t mean a building for worship, but it is the community of believers gathered together to worship God. Surely, basic theology will not escape the mind of a priest, more certainly a Pope at that.
Heed this warning. Be careful when believing certain “truth-sounding” quotes. When the bible refutes it, then it is false.
Seriously, what kind of Pope would espouse NOT believing in God? May mali diba? Basa ng Bible pag may time para hindi napapalike sa post na mali naman pala! Bongga kung maka-power tweet. Mag power tweet ka kaya kay God?
Read full story here: http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/popeatheist.asp


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