29 Sep The Assassination of Lea Salonga



By Mike Sandejas
JUAN SAYS: Though many of us are in on the Aldub craze, we are pretty sure that there are a good number of us who would agree with Lea. Though they may not be outright vocal about their sentiments for fear of being shushed or called bitter for finding something “wonderful” as something shallow. What we are trying to say is this, not because one’s opinion is louder (having 25.1M tweets last Saturday is as loud as it can get) does it mean that the other opinion is wrong. What we find to be wrong is shoving your opinions down other people’s throats and accept something that they feel is unacceptable. We have to learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. Here is a brave post by director Mike Sandejas.
Lea Salonga did so much for our culture.
Because of the way she was treated recently, Filipinos do not deserve her. Antonio Luna was massacred by fellow Filipinos, the same was virtually done to Lea.
She said it wasn’t about ALDUB but they already “jumped the gun” and “shot” her. I wish it really was about ALDUB because it was spot on.
Lea Salonga is a Filipino heroine. Internet trends and TV gimmickry have been known to have a lifespan of a typhoon. Lea’s Tony and Olivier awards, her voice in Disney films, and her haunting performances in Broadway will be remembered forever.
If it really was about ALDUB, then being an authority, her point should be respected. Just like Luna, she spoke her mind… if it really was about ALDUB.
She is as much a Filipino Hero as Heneral Luna in the recent trending film. Difference being that she won her battles against foreigners and she wasn’t murdered. But considering how much she did for this nation, those remarks about her by her fellow Filipinos were like bullets shot into her heart.
The internet is both empowering and enslaving. We are all its minions. It is the new battlefield with a different kind of engagement. No more guns, only likes and words.
I think ALDUB is absurd. I cannot argue with its success, only its lack of substance. But, hey, its a free country.
I would hope to make something trend, too. This message of support for my hero.



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