29 Apr That girl you compared to a roasted chicken has a message for you.



JUAN SAYS: A lot of the girls in JUAN found that viral photo very offensive and insensitive. It says a lot about the people who shared, laughed and tagged polers in their internet spree. As we have said, there is nothing wrong with laughing or finding humor in life, but we have to think twice if this is at the expense of other people. For the sake of good manners, a sensitive and Godly heart, you just don’t do that. Shaming other people for their wrong doings, exposing them is one thing; but shaming other people because of their body type says more about the “shamer” than the “shame.” Insecure lang kayo. Bet that those who laughed can’t even climb the pole even if their lives depended on it. What a shame.
You know what irked us more is the fact that we had to tell people that what they are doing is insensitive and wrong. It is a surprise how stupid some people can be. Imagine tagging polers in photos that would make them mad? Worse, they don’t know that photos like those are just downright insulting. They. Don’t. Know. We almost wish that being stupid could be a line of defense in the court of law. That would be the day.


From the Blog team-lulu.com:


It’s been a week since a meme that featured me has been blasted across social media.  Breaking the Internet is just something I do during the week.
We all know this isn’t the first one that has me on it. I’ve seen some, and this one is very tame compared to others.  After all these years of putting myself on the Internet, you learn to get thick skin FAST. I was first shown it via my sister.  She wanted to share it but wanted my approval first. I respect that BIG TIME!
As for the rest of the Internet world, you all deserve a HUGE thank you!  Thank you to those who stuck up for me whether you are in the pole community or not.  To know you all have my back even though we have never met in real life is an amazing feeling.  To see folks go at bat for me and tell me that they have love for me in their neck in the woods just melts my heart.
No one should ever put down one another, we should support each other.  That’s always been my goal in life. Even judging competitions, I make sure there is positive feedback.  There is always a positive to everything in life.
I’ve been out of the pole loop recently (just due to my personal life – work, kids etc.) and thought I might become forgotten or not on anyone’s radar.  And that’s ok, that’s how it goes sometimes. Seeing outpouring love and support for me over someone trying to get a like or two makes me want to get back to pole.


Pole has always made me happy. As my children have gotten older, they have started to need me differently than when they were babies.  I spend a lot of time on the sidelines being a Coach, Cheerleader and now a Commissioner.  But I miss the moments where I can break free and express myself.
For anyone who stumbles upon this little blog (I want to post more but halfway through a blog, I just get tired and never finish) please feel free to follow me throughout the internet.  I love to support others as others support me.
Peace, love and POLE!

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