21 Mar STOP playing the ‘I Am A Woman’ Card to get away with doing stupid things



JUAN SAYS: Aren’t we all tired of people playing the “I am a woman card,” especially when clearly the problem stemmed from them in the first place. Let us not forget that it took years for women to be accepted in the society as at par or equal with men – our right to vote and our right to be recognized as human beings didn’t just happen over night. So why then are we playing the sympathy card and draw attention to the fact that “we are women,” ergo we have the privilege to do stupid things and men just won’t react to this because again, we are women. Ano entitled?
In this situation Melissa Mendez was clearly the first person who did the wrong thing. She sat in a seat that was not assigned to her in an airplane (where premium seats come at a price). She was asked to return to her seat, then she pleaded to stay so she can take pictures of the clouds? Clouds? Makikipag-away ka ng dahil sa clouds? Then we women should cry foul. We are not that stupid. We know the rules, and woman or not we know that we have to abide by them.
Secondly she didn’t stop talking even when she returned to her seat. In the reports we have read she continued hurling insults or cursing the man whom she was fighting with. Is this another excuse for being a woman? Madaldal ako eh, emotional kasi babae ako. Women know when to stop talking, educated ones at that. Women know when they are right and when they are wrong. Women know how to give even if it hurts them. We don’t think that NOT being able to take pictures of clouds would hurt Melissa Mendez. Seriously.
Though the response of Andrew Wolff’s friend was very much disrespectful (if it were true – hahampasin kita ng bag ko pag hindi ka pa umalis diyan), Melissa Mendez shouldn’t be sitting there in the first place (our first argument) and she shouldn’t have argued her way until “I am able to take good pictures of the clouds.” Clouds lang yan. Hindi mo ikamamatay yan!
If she wanted that seat in the first place, she should have paid for it. Period.
During her interviews she denied that she was drunk even as Andrew Wolff described her as smelling like a beer brewery. Mas mabuti pa sanang inamin mo na lang na lasing ka, baka sakaling maintindihan naming ang love affair mo sa clouds.
Lastly, the pilot had to turn back to Manila and have her physically removed from the plane. The pilot said that Melissa had hurt one of his crew members. We are waiting for Melissa to play the woman card here. Something like: I slap people when I am furious. I am uncontrollable when mad, because I am a woman.
Pwede ba?!


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