24 Aug Sisa’s Bitter Pill: Who is Your Lola Nidora?



The ratings of Eat Bulago zoomed again last Saturday as the #Aldub fans awaited the fate of their favorite star-crossed lovers. Though everybody knows that the fate of Yaya Dub and Alden doesn’t exactly rest in the hands of the universe but on the hands of its writers, people still awaited for this twist in the their story. Will Yaya Dub marry Frankie, a guy that she didn’t exactly love but was forced to marry out of her “utang na loob” to Lola Nidora? Will Yaya Dub disobey the wishes to Lola instead of following her heart? We know what should be done, yet we are unsure of how this story will unfold.


The #Aldub sensation won’t be what it is today if not for another character in this Kalyeserye, that of Lola Nidora. We all have our own Lola Nidoras in our lives. Family, parents, friends, those people whom we owe a lot to and we certainly wouldn’t want to bite. As some of us would put it, how can you bite the hand that feeds you? You won’t. You can’t. Even if it meant your happiness, even if it calls for one to give their own lives for the sake of these people they owe. After all, our Lola Nidoras were there during the rough times, stood by us when nobody was there for us, surely they only have our best interests at heart. Lola Nidoras are well meaning people, they are those who try to “keep our feet on the ground.” As one friend puts it, “hindi ako nega. Realistic lang.”

Sure there is nothing wrong with being realistic, especially if you are already way up the skies like Icarus ready to have your wings burned by getting nearer the sun just because you think you can. Sure there is nothing wrong with a simple paalala. And we would appreciate their actions better if we were actually running to them and asking for advice or intervention. Eh paano kung hindi naman? Wala kang tinatanong, wala ka ring hinihinging tulong. Trip lang talaga ang makialam, magbigay ng opinion, o gumawa ng aksyon na wala ka namang sinasabing sige bira!

Truth be told, they only want what they think is best for us. They are always on the look out should we fall or get entrapped in pits that we can’t possibly get out of. With the many times that they have helped us, we have already mistaken our Lola Nidoras to be “god,” the one who takes control of our lives. They see it from a different perspective, and because we feel our judgments are clouded because of what we feel, we yield to their decisions, trusting that what they are asking from us is for our best interests. With our many interactions with our Lola Nidoras, how come that in those times that we follow them, we in turn feel miserable? Bakit kapag pilit nilang pinalalayo tayo sa mga taong mahal natin, lalo tayong nalulungkot at lalo tayong nasasaktan? We only have one answer to that, because it was never our decision.

The Lola Nidoras, just like us, only have one perspective when they read our situations, and it isn’t exactly for our best interest. Let’s face it, people are selfish by nature. Kung wala namang nangyayaring masama, bakit ba pilit pinapakialaman ng mga tao ang mga sitwasyon natin sa buhay? When people try to manipulate situations, when people try to bring us to see situations that are not really there (but is just in their heads), don’t you think that there is something wrong with their vision too? Let’s take the case of the last episode of #Aldub. Wasn’t it Lola Nidora who manipulated the whole situation and forced Yaya Dub to marry Frankie because Lola Nidora needed the money to buy the “diary?” (Whatever that is!) The plot may be fictional, but if you introspect and look at your lives, haven’t the Lola Nidoras of your lives manipulated you, the situation, making you swallow a hard bitter pill that you never wanted to swallow in the first place, just because they (the Lola Nidoras) think that you were sick? Sick with love? And at the end of it all, didn’t the whole situation present itself to you that they were not actually looking out for you but were just looking out for their interests? Their myopic view of the whole situation, the wrong character judgment of you, and their games and manipulation has led you to be bitter, sad and sour; only to be left to hung dry? Think hard, and tell us we are wrong. Because with the many encounters that we have with our own Lola Nidoras we have always been right.

This is not to say that we become ingrates and forget what these people have done for us. But it is to say that we don’t always follow what other people think is best for us for the simple reason that, it is not their lives that they are dabbling with, it is ours.

As one post have gravely reminded us: “never take the advice of people who do not have to deal with the results.” When your own Lola Nidoras start their game of manipulation, take a step back, breathe and remember that this is your life, not theirs. If their suggestions don’t work, it is you who has to deal with the consequences not them. Bigyan mo na lang ng gagawin, masyadong maraming oras makialam.


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