04 Jun Silence Speaks Louder Than Words



JUAN SAYS: We watched this video and little did we know that even silence can bring us to tears. As we stared at the video (and trying to dry our tears), thousands of questions flooded our minds but the most evident of all (that which we almost verbalized): “eh bakit kasi kailangan maghintay ng 30 years?!” The artists, without saying anything, were able to churn emotions that have been there for thirty years. We don’t know the story behind their relationship but we can certainly put ours in their stares and silence: the unspoken “I miss yous,” those tempting facebook statuses which will say: “call me a loser but I want you back,” those drunk text messages that we were too intoxicated to send. Everything that we have once felt for someone we have loved and was too afraid to make the first move to say something, and realizing that you could have saved all the heartaches, sleepless nights if you just had the guts to make the first phone call and reached out to say how you feel. Pesteng fear of rejection yan!
We often let our pride, our own issues, and our own baggage from the past get in the way of something that we obviously feel so strongly about it. And this video, in all its 3 minute glory reminds us that while some people strike a chord in our hearts that we may never get over, sometimes that is not enough. Sometimes there are no second chances, sometimes what it is, is what it should be. And the best thing to do, just like what is shown in this video, is to turn around and turn around and walk away.
Bad trip, umiiyak pa rin kami dito!



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