19 Jun She Burns the Bible and Twerks on the Cross. Oh Lord!



JUAN SAYS: Miley Cyrus. From that very moment when she became Hannah Montana, she has always been a bit too weird for our liking. Sure we get it, all Disney stars had their moment of rebellion to break away from the pack, but nobody has done it as extreme as Miley who has done everything that will categorize her as papansin, to put it lightly. And while we commend her efforts against bullying et al, and couldn’t care less about how she grows as an “artist”, we couldn’t help but feel disturbed by her lack of respect towards religion and faith.
“Being a role model for millions of people, I know no better way to express the massive amount of love I have for the world, and if some crybabies are upset about it, they’re idiots and I hope they die,” Cyrus said before sticking out her tongue and suggestively spreading her legs for the cameras.
JUAN SAYS: Cue Alanis. “Isn’t it IRONIC? Don’t you think?”
For someone who used to confess that she was a Christian, it’s quite disturbing for us to see her do this to Bibles while shouting against judgment. We couldn’t help but ask, isn’t this passing judgment as well, Miley? By destroying what other people believe in, you are telling them that their beliefs don’t matter as much as yours. Try mo kayang gawin sa Holy Quoran yan. Try mo lang.
If you are up against “judgmental savants” shouldn’t you highlight love instead of hate and disrespect?
Liberal members of the media called the concert an “act of bravery,” describing Cyrus’s artistic performance as “by far the greatest example of a new, enlightened culture, unhindered by the ancient rulebook that promotes bigotry, fear, and hate.”
JUAN SAYS: If this is how it is to be enlightened, then we’d choose to be in the dark. We don’t wanna dance around half naked and twerking to a guy with HORNS sticking up its ass, seriously.
“That’s exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Christians are intolerant of opinions expressed by their betters. If those Jesus-lovers were upset about what I did last night, just wait until they see what I have planned for my next show.”
Once again you are showing us that ignorance can never truly be hidden. In short, best to know what you’re standing for before making a stand because at the end of the day, you’re just another airhead with a mic.
With quotes from thepeoplescube.com
JUAN SAYS:  However, there were no videos circulated, nor were there exact pictures of Miley doing such an act. In a report by snopes.com, they stated that the former website is a satiricial website. Then again, we wouldn’t be surprised if Miley actually did this with her past performances that has raised the eyebrows of many. We still don’t cheer for Miley, though we’re clearing our throats to belt out “you came in like a wrecking ball… and you WRE-E-ECKED MEEE!”



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