28 May Sadness is the Cuter Version of De Lima, not Dawn Zulueta



JUAN SAYS: One of the cutest election stories that we have encountered is this, Sec. De Lima now Senator De Lima, wants Dawn Zulueta to portray her in a movie about her life. The mere suggestion of making a movie out of De Lima’s life is really a WTF moment for us, but the choice of actress to play herself is mind blowing to say the least.


We would like to think that De Lima needs thicker glasses, thicker than her face to even dream of having Dawn Zulueta play herself should there be a movie (we don’t know why anyone would want to produce a movie about her) about herself. Oo judgmental kami! Pero aminin nyo, you judged too while reading the introductory paragraph of this article.

A girl can dream right? Sige na nga, libre yun. Malay naman natin, once in her lifetime, De Lima was every inch a Dawn Zulueta. Remember, she supposedly has a sex video which Sandra Cam threatened to expose. Bakit, may sex video ba kayo? Inggitera lang kayo dahil siya meron, kayo wala! Meron bang may hidden sex video ng sikat na personality na pangit sila? Wala tayong matandaan diba? Malay niyo naman! Huwag tayong judgmental!

But if we were to be asked whom we think should play De Lima in her own bioepic, we would highly recommend Sadness of Inside Out. Sadness looks a lot like De Lima, from the hair, to the glasses, to everything that she has been, everything she has brought when she was a cabinet secretary. Wishing Sadness would agree to play this coveted role.

Again, we too can dream.


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