29 Jun Rambol Sa Kanto



JUAN SAYS: While many have anticipated the match between Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos to commence, there is a good number of us who couldn’t care less. A squabble inside a bar between two B actors couldn’t really interest us that much. Besides, don’t we all have better things to do than to have a small squabble balloon to a full blown fight?


Two warring men take their drama inside the octagon, dealing with it in the most primitive way possible. Ano tayo highschool? Lahat ng bagay natatapos sa sapakan? Parang rambol ng mga tambay sa kanto!

Whatever amount of respect we have for the URCC has dwindled with Alvin Aguilar taking this… this squabble to well, this. While we do not expect for these two to behave like matured adults, or handle their problems the way many sophisticated men do, we didn’t expect them to put up a show and fight it out in an arena. Mayabang nga tayo diba? Tara suntukan na lang. Para panalo tayong dalawa. Eh di wala ding natapos hindi ba?

As any professional in the mixed martial arts would know, your skills should never be used to settle juvenile girian. Ano to? Sabong? Ano sila Tandang lang?

But then again, why do expect so much from these people. Kung kami sa inyo, ayusin nyo na lang ang pagaartista ninyo! Kikita pa kayo! Wala ng projects? Gagamit na lang ng gimik para mapansin?


And MMA/URCC? Where do we even begin.

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