13 May Pole Dance takes a stand on Cancer



JUAN SAYS: We found this piece very moving, a pole dance routine dedicated to those who suffered, fought, and survived cancer. Yes, we hear that illness everyday – cancer, but until you look at cancer straight into the eyes, you will never understand the horrors that this could bring to anyone who is inflicted by it. This is one illness that we wouldn’t wish on an enemy, no matter how angry we are at them.
As told by Paula Colon, one of the dancers in this piece: This is the story of two women whose lives were willfully entangled by cancer. Sorrow gripped their hearts as the illness takes its toll, and every string of hope withers away as fast as their falling stumps of hair. Depression engulfs them, swallows them whole. They let themselves go adrift their own melancholy and pain, believing that at the end, death is the only thing that awaits.
But their looming deaths eventually made them see the lives they are still living. It made their weak but still beating hearts see through the gloomy hours even as the illness completely strips them of the few hairs they have.
They embrace death but they stopped counting the days left… no, not anymore.
They started living their lives.
Warning: There is nothing sexy about this video, and if you are well connected with your inner heart, this may move you to tears.

Kudos to Nina and Paula for winning the top prize (Doubles Professional Pole Fit Champion) in the Hong Kong China Pole Championship 2015.
SISA SAYS: I watched the video in its entirety I felt tears streaming down my face. Goosebumps all over. These two ladies make me proud that I am a pole dancer too. Indeed there was a time when I wanted to quit because I couldn’t find the reason to do it anymore. But today, after watching this video, I embraced pole dance tighter than ever before. Couldn’t be more proud today, more than ever, to call myself a pole dancer. Couldn’t be more proud of these two Filipinos Paula Colon and Nina Bee of Pole Dolls for doing such a powerful routine. Who says pole dance is just about sex and being sexy? Raise your hands if you are that naïve and I would gladly hang you on top of the pole.
JUAN SAYS: We are happy to present to you pole a dance videos that are NOT exactly what you had in mind. For the close-minded and the bigots, here is an eye opener for you. Just because somebody calls it “pole dancing,” and even if its history stems from the “filthy” strip clubs that you shrug your shoulders on, it doesn’t mean that it can’t evolve. Haven’t you heard? Tango is a dance from the brothels and you wouldn’t even think twice learning it, but you frown upon pole dance and pole dancers just because you don’t know what you are talking about.
We heard a junior jock on the radio last week make a comment about Usher’s song “I Don’t Mind” which speaks about pole dancers and pole dancing. Right after the song, she blurted out: “yeah I do mind.” Was she talking about the song? Or was she talking about pole dancing in general? Didn’t she know, that there is a growing number of pole dance students and pole dance professionals who bring honor to the country by winning in international competitions? Who circulated the memo and left that girl out? Ayan nagmumukha tuloy tanga. You should not omit anyone the next time, we don’t want her sounding stupid again especially when she is heard on the radio.


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