25 Jun Our take on Kris Aquino’s Reactions



JUAN SAYS: We have been talking about the reactions, questions and how Kris Aquino handled the interview with Veejay Floresca in that particular episode of Abunda and Aquino tonight. While many have defended Kris saying that her reactions (laughing right after Veejay said that Transgender women are not “bakla,” but rather women who were assigned a different gender) we couldn’t help but co-relate the timing of her reactions and Veejay’s statements. It was really, really bad timing. Her reactions (and bad timing of her laugh) were quite condescending. The best way to go is to be more open, to be more questioning, to really reach out to the transgender people to understand what is actually going on.
As explained further by a comment on facebook:
However, if there is one thing good about Kris Aquino is the fact that she is very transparent. Her facial reactions and gestures say it all. We are appalled by the gestures and condescending laugh, BUT in a way we do understand her confusion (IF she was confused and NOT actually mocking the explanation of Abunda and Floresca). And NO we are not condoning her actions this time around. We are putting our foot down on mockery (no matter how we too are still quite confused with the transgender concept.)




There is a proper way of handling your reactions especially when you are working in media. There is such a thing as respect for one’s beliefs and not to make a mockery out of other people’s struggles. As far as we know, the transition to womanhood is not that easy, and a feeling of reaching out to the concerns of the LGBT would have been helpful, unlike the feeling that we get which says “your concerns, not mine,” “your beliefs, not mine.” We expected more from Kris Aquino who has gays and transwomen as her friends and closest allies. But then again, what do we know? She could have been lose with her actions and reactions because the topic doesn’t really concern her nor does it point back to her or could it be spun to be all about her or her son. Weighing things, a transgender not being able to enter a bar and exercise her “right to party,” has more weight than Bimby falling off the segue – as a national issue. Take your pick.
HER CONFUSION (if she was confused):
The concept of transgender people, as Veejay explained it, is really foreign to biological women like us. To be honest, we have never really heard of this concept until it was properly explained to us by a transgender woman friend. Though we didn’t react as condescendingly as Kris Aquino’s, we were certainly taken aback.
When we were in elementary, Grade 5 to be exact, we were taught that the reproductive organ of a female is not actually the vagina but rather the uterus and ovaries. The ability and possibility of us giving birth is what makes us a woman. And that until recently was how we perceived the “essence of a woman” is. And as our transgender woman friend explain her plight of transformation to us, we became more and more aware of this so-called “phenomenon” (for the lack of term). So forgive us for not knowing, for not understanding because nobody really gave us a 101 on what being a Transgender is all about, not in college, not at work, and not with the many transpeople waging war with us when we put out an article on transgender people. Forgive us. Should we have been informed or indoctrinated with this, we would have done otherwise. It is true, it is hard for us to understand this concept or we might never do so because we don’t know what a transgender person goes through, because rightly so, we are not transgenders. But we are willing to learn, listen and understand, if you talk to us properly at hindi parang away palengke. Again, malay ba namin?
Here lies the problem (and we are taking the article of Atty. Bruce Rivera as a jump off point), many of the heterosexuals do not really know the concept of transgenders. And let us too accept the fact that it will not be easy for many of us to grasp this concept because it is entirely NEW and foreign to all of us.
If we spent more time educating heterosexuals (the very people whom many transpeople are asking acceptance from) than waging war with them when they make comments on facebook (again, what do we know), then maybe, just like me, slowly our eyes are being opened and we become more accepting of “new concepts.” Instead of antagonizing people who you’d want to understand you by arguing with them over petty things like a stupid use of pronoun (again, malay ba naming? May mabutas lang eh.) why don’t you spend that pent up anger in messaging us lovingly even if it means telling us that you were hurt of what we said. Tandaan, as Boy Abunda said in that A&A episode, the LGBT is not looking for special treatment, just equality. And equality also means this: hindi nyo ipapalunok sa amin ang kunseptong naiisip ninyo agad agad, now na! Ang lahat ng bagay na bago ay kailangang isa-isahin, pag-aaralan, at ire-reconcile sa personal beliefs ng bawat tao. And not because it seems right to you does it mean that it should be right to me also. I have my own set of beliefs and principles that I have always stood for since I was little, and that is one big edifice to tear down. We can only do this one brick at a time. Dahil tao ako. Kung gusto ninyong respetuhin namin ang paniniwala ninyo, kailangang respetuhin din ninyo ang aming personal convictions. Yan ang equality.

Many of the heterosexuals are quiet about issue because they are afraid of being called bigots. And to us here in JUAN that is NOT A GOOD THING. Like what Kris Aquino said: “mahirap kaaway ang LGBT because you will never hear the end of it.” In reality, we do not want to fight with you. We want to understand you, but you can’t let your raging hormones shove us to one corner while you rant it out like we should know better. Sorry, hindi nga namin alam kasi wala ka namang sinabi.
Let’s face reality, it will take time for many heterosexuals to understand the concept of transgender people, much less understand the meaning of the acronym LGBTQI. And truth be told, this may not even happen in this generation, maybe in the next.


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