20 Mar One Direction is inZANE! 1 tulog na lang pero walang Zayn. SAD.



JUAN SAYS: Filipino fans stormed social media when it was announced that Zayn Malik wouldn’t be joining the Philippine leg of the One Direction concert. It is the first time that One Direction will be in Manila, this time one direction-less. Fans were very much disappointed. Who wouldn’t? When these fans have painstakingly lined up on the first day tickets were released just to secure their “golden ticket” to watch their dream boyfriends in Manila. Hindi sila kumain ng lunch ng isang school year just to be able to save up for those tickets. Some begged their parents and practically exchanged every good deed or household chore that they can get their hands on just to earn enough points for their parents to give them money to watch the concert. Tapos kulang ng isa? Parang unfair yata.
Though fans have been disappointed, it can be observed that they are still in support of their idol Zayn. Not much hate tweets if you say the least. Ibang magmahal ang Filipina! Iba. Iba talaga. Disappointed na, bad trip pa, pero andito nakaagapay pa rin sa likod ng minamahal. Grabe, parang seryosong relasyon na lang talaga ang meron tayo para sa One Direction!
Can’t you see Zayn, you don’t need to go back to the UK to make things right with your girlfriend back home. She pressures you and stresses you out and gets jealous with a blonde girl she saw you holding hands with in a photo in one of your concerts. You are a public figure, a celebrity for that matter. She SHOULD understand that. Part of your antics is to make your fans “kilig” so they will continue to support you, and part of your charm is exactly that! Many Filipinas will agree with us that when it comes to you Zayn and your career WE WILL BE UNDERSTANDING AND SUPPORTIVE. Plus we can cook sinigang, adobo to your heart’s content. That is how much we love you Zayn. We are good girls here, loving and caring. Raise your hands if you agree with us! (Until we saw this picture:)
Kawawa naman ang bansa natin. Malas na sa Pangulo. Malas sa Pangalawang Pangulo. Pati ba naman sa One Direction Malas pa rin?!
Refund! Refund na lang yan!


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