19 Mar Never Underestimate the Power of a Broken Heart



JUAN SAYS: Elphaba. One character that many survivors or those you call the “sore thumbs of the group,” the round pegs in square holes can surely identify with. There is an Elphaba in all of we believe. That side of us who is constantly rejected, that part of us who is disappointed with the many things that life throws at you. It is when the biggest heartbreaks occur that the Elphabas within is rising inside of us. Just as our title says: “never underestimate the power of a broken heart.”


Our brokenness does not only come from a love lost or a love we so wanted to have but can’t. It also comes from people that have disappointed us, thereby shattering our illusions of who they are. Our hearts break when friendships end, when parents die, when the whole world turn against us when everything that we find out that everything we’ve believed in since we were little, are all wrong. Disappointments and heartbreaks push us to the end of the wall. We suddenly feel an imbalance, a discomfort, a vacuum that seems to have sucked out all the air in us. But then again, it is with these heartbreaks that we are given the opportunities to grow.

Growth, as we have seen in this musical is making a choice. When the very thing that we have believed and wanted turns out to be a total fraud, we are faced with a decision to either change direction or to stay and roll with the shit. In the case of Elphaba, she chose the former. It is our interpretation that the choice of Elphaba, to rise above her disappointments and heartbreak, is a road less taken.

The truth is, not many will follow the Elphaba inside them. They will succumb to the challenge and crawl inside their shells. The discomfort, the uncertainty of the future, of what lies ahead is too scary for many to take the risk for. Many of us would rather stay with what is comfortable, no matter if it is a lie, no matter if it brings us pain because we are too afraid to gamble again. So we stagnate our own growth. We forgo the possibility of a “better” future that lies before us. We cling to things that make us bleed because we’d rather feel the pain of the familiar rather than the peace of the unknown. The unknown is too big a concept to fathom. Armed with our past experiences of trying and failing, of falling and hurting, we succumb to what brought us to the discomfort in the first place. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it? But IT. DOES. HAPPEN. Alam mo yun, yung paulitulit ka ng nasasaktan pero andyan ka pa rin? Yung paulitulit ka ng ginagago, pero nakasiksik ka pa rin. Yung alam mong hindi ka na dapat andyan pero litonglito ka kung saan ka pupunta kaya hindi ka makaalis. Yung ayaw mo na ng ginagawa mo dahil hindi ikaw ‘to, pero sige ka pa rin.

Asan na nga ba ang self respect? Asan na nga ba ang self-worth? Wala. Tinapon na sa basurahan nasama sa dignidad. No matter what the excuse, no matter what the reasons, when people walk all over you, you know it is time to go. Kahit gaano kalaki ang utang na loob mo. Kahit na mahal mo. Kahit sino pa yan, kahit yan pa ang nagpaaral sayo. Pag tinapakan na ang pagkatao mo, kapag paulit-ulit na namang ginawa kang gago, TIGILAN MO NA!

By choosing this, we have already lost every sense of self-respect that we have. And more importantly, we are already refusing to grow. Progress is no longer an option but a far fetched dream that only the brave can afford to have. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly who Elphaba is.

Bravery they say is “not being scared.” Bravery is doing it even when you are scared. Elphaba chose to pick up her broom and fly, no matter if she flew alone. Elphaba chose to be pushed by the discomfort, to be launched to a higher ground and be better. She was able to conquer her fears of the unknown and launch herself to be who she had to be. Elphaba chose what others may think is an illusion, a dream that is exactly the formula for utmost failure. But Elphaba, the stubborn witch that she is, chose to ride against the tide and be different.

We admire the likes of Elphaba, those who would rather choose the unknown and embrace the uncertainty rather than be stuck with things that she no longer believes in. We believe in the likes of Elphaba, those who recognize that some things have already served its purpose, that some things are totally against their truths, that they would rather find their truths rather than be corrupted by lies. We stand beside the likes of Elphaba who would take their broken hearts and embrace the uncertainty of being who they want to be – authentic, original and true to oneself, no matter what the cost. Because for people like Elphaba – failure will never be an option.

May the story of Wicked and what Elphaba brings to our lives inspire us to make the right decisions when we come to the crossroads of our lives. When we are presented with the opportunity to change our lives and make it better, may we always choose the “harder right” instead of the “easier wrong.” May we remember her bravery. And may we also pick up our broomsticks and tell the world:

“and if I’m flying solo, at least I’m flying free.”

Because everyone deserves the chance to fly.





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