02 Apr Mich Liggayu Trends Again: Why are we still in shock by what this girl is capable of doing



Our facebook timelines have been flooded again, not just warning stories on the Super Typhoon Chedeng, but another surge of ‘jeje’ influx! We have restrained ourselves from making further comments about the Jamich issues, Maricar Sebastian’s actions, reactions and drama because all we wanted was for Jam Sebastian’s soul to finally rest in peace. He fought a hard battle with cancer, a battle that we couldn’t even wish on a mortal enemy. But what got us talking now isn’t the viral video or Mich Liggayu as she was singing in the hospital room during the last days of her boyfriend Jam. We wouldn’t even repeat our point of “there is dignity even in death” though we stand by it until the day we die. (If you wanna read about this, click here). What we would like to point out this time around is this, why are we even surprised that Mich is capable of doing such a thing as singing inside a hospital room, laughing and entertaining visitors, when she has done many other things that were quite out of the ordinary, to say the least. Bakit ba issue pa na ginawa niyang lamay, sampu ng mga kaibigan nila, ang hospital room kung saan nag-aantay na lamang si Jam ng kanyang “appointed time?” Bakit ba issue pa ito?
The first time that we wrote about the actions of Mich Liggayu which solicited 174,000 facebook shares to date (wow!) and almost 400 comments – some of which calling us names is proof enough that there is a great divide between opinions, a disconnect in culture between the so-called “jejes” and the non-jejes. While we maintain our steadfast beliefs in propriety, integrity and dignity, their actions have got us thinking: what is it that these people and fans don’t get with the concept that we are trying to teach them? What is becoming of our culture that we seem to have forgotten propriety in our actions? Have we become so lenient with this generation that self-promotion or talking about one’s self has actually become the norm instead of refocusing the attention to pressing issues that the general public is facing? Malapit na tayong ibenta ng gobyerno sa Malaysia, selfie videos pa rin ang issues natin? There is a grave disconnect somewhere.
We have already seen how they treated Jam when he was laying on his death bed. Many of us have reacted in disgust, but many of their fans say that even the dying was in approval of this. While we pitied his condition and how he was presented in social media looking so sickly, while we all clamored for his immediate family and loved ones to treat him with some dignity and respect, we have come to realize that even him, the one we were all “fighting for” wanted this kind of attention. In their heads, they owed it to their fans and to the public to make a spectacle out of their lives, even in their sickness and misery. And because it is the wish of the dying and the hallucinating (we know, we had family members die of cancer, so we know!) makes it right? As far as we know propriety never ends, we even have “protocols” for the dead if we are not mistaken.
We are all aware that Jam’s fans went further by suggesting that the country SHOULD bestow the National Artist award on Jam Sebastian, earning him a position alongside the movers and shakers of the arts. Imagine the likes of great painters such as Fernando Amorsolo, Vicente Manansala, HR Ocampo, architect Juan Nakpil, writer Nick Joaquin, zarzuela star Atang dela Rama, choreographers Francisca Reyes Aquino and Lucrecia Reyes Urtula, Ramon Ubusan, et. al., who have dedicated their lives to the development of the arts; will be on the same pedestal as Jam Sebastian, an internet sensation. And you know what’s funnier; the mother of Jam even endorsed this petition. Anak ng pucha! May sapak na lang ba talaga ang mga Pilipino? Wala man lang kinilabutan doon kahit slight?
We already know that when Jam died, his girlfriend Mich made a crying selfie video in remembrance of the many firsts they shared together. We cringed and thought that this girl is really out there to wing it for fame; but this has made us realize that this is already their culture, their upbringing, their moral compass. I, personally, wouldn’t want to go the “I don’t wanna judge” route, but I can’t. I will judge, not because I think I am a better person for criticizing them, but because I was brought up differently. My belief system and my edifice for honor, integrity and dignity indeed have its limitations. And in my humblest opinion, this is NOT okay. Does this bother me? YES. What bothers me more is that, even her parents didn’t demand that she takes down that video. Nobody from the family pointed out that such was pointless, tacky and shameless. Nobody put their foot down and told her: YOU JUST DON’T DO THAT!

And if we give the benefit of the doubt to her family and close friends and say that they scolded her and told her to do better, they surely failed in doing so. Which is even sadder. Hindi na pala marunong makinig sa mga nakatatanda ang mga “sikat” ngayon. And you know what’s worse, finding out that the parents or more particularly, the mother of the sick boy, is one and the same! Yet news are circulating that she is at odds with Mich. Whatever their issues are, sa kanila na lang yun. This is simply the case of “the pot calling the kettle black.”


Any ploy to attract attention to one self, any action that would lead one to be the center of the universe would really bother us. For everybody’s information, nobody is the center of the universe. Nobody in their right minds would want to attract the whole world to stop on their tracks just to give them 5 minutes of undivided attention. Maraming nare-rape. Maraming namomolestya. Maraming babaeng binubugbog. Lahat ito sa loob ng limang minuto. Tapos gusto mo ng atensyon sa selfie video mo because you owe it to the public? What kind of thinking is that?
Fame has become so accessible that everybody who has a cellphone camera and internet access can actually become famous, not on merits but oftentimes on “de-merits” that people from one generation ago would have cringed at the thought of exposing their filthy selves in public. Taking pictures of oneself while crying, a selfie video while lamenting on our broken hearts have become viral that the “now generation” thinks that it is okay. Posting on facebook saying: “virgin no more,” gets a lot of likes and shares that the one posting thinks that it is cool. What does this tell us then? We have become a culture of lose morals, that just because it is popular it sends these kids the notion that it is right. However, old as we are (we are in our 30s), we still stand by what our parents have shoved down our throats: “not because everyone does it does it make it right.”
And now we are all up in arms again because an edited video of Mich singing with a group of ‘jeje’ fans were in Jam’s hospital room without even considering that there might be patients in the next room that wanted some peace and quiet. OO ginawang lamay kahit buhay pa ang ngayo’y patay na. OO nakita rin namin yun. But why, for the love of God, are we expecting any propriety from them when they do not even know the concept of the word to begin with. I think we are expecting too much from these people.
Tapos ngayon galit na galit na galit kayo? Sayang ang effort. Sayang ang pagod. They will never get it anyway. For all you know the edited video came from them because there is a need to be talked about. She owes it to Jam and to the jeje-dom to be talked about. There will be people who would inflict pain on themselves to get attention. There will be people who will release negative videos of themselves just to be talked about. Malay niyo naman.



Just a few hours ago, in an article on manilalink.com, it was confirmed that Mich does have a new boyfriend — that Neo guy (whoever he is). It can be remembered that her name was linked to the guy a few weeks ago and both vehemently denied it. Pero ngayon confirmed. (As per manilalink.com) But then it could be a satire or it could be half true. If it were, it just goes to show that the phrase “just friends,” is a total lie.
“Alam ko po hindi maganda tingnan, alam ko tingin nila mali. Ang sakit nga ng mga sinasabi nila, eh. ‘Mich Bitch’ daw, ganyan. Malandi daw. Pero ‘di nila alam kung gaano kahirap,” Mich said. “Hindi ko kasalanan na naghanap ako ng ibang… source, ng pagmamahal… na ‘di maibigay sakin ni Jam nung mga times na ‘yun.” We won’t be shocked if this was really her justification if she was actually two-timing while Jam was on his death bed.
“Sa mga fans ko po, sana maging happy na lang kayo for me. Minahal ko naman si Jam. Pero tapos na ‘yun, nagpapahinga na siya with God and His angels. Magpasalamat na lang siguro tayo na okay na siya at ako okay na rin. May nagmamahal pa rin sakin. Alam ko gusto ni Jam ‘yun.”
To our dear JAMICH fans, please try to understand her two-timing (if this were half-true or a whole lie). Jam was very sick, needed to be cared for, loved and what-have-you. And Mich is just human — she proposed (yes she did) to Jam about two or three years ago professed her undying love for the guy (and to the kilig of their minions); but when Jam couldn’t provide the love, attention and care of a boyfriend because he was extremely sick, she just had to look for it somewhere. Please, please, please try to understand. Parang kagat lang yan ng lamok eh. Kailangan kamutin. Nakakabaliw pag hindi mo kinamot ang kati. Don’t judge. Please don’t judge.
Truly, each one of us has a way of moving on. Sometimes, you just have to move on before you let go, but you keep it quiet because you owe it to your fans. That’s how screwed up this is! And we might have to agree with Mich and her fans, maybe this is how Jam wants it to be. Ano nga naman ang masamang mag-two time lalo na kung malapit ng mamatay ang fiance mo. Grabe kayo. Walang masama doon. Nyeta!

May we call on everyone to stop bashing, to stop commenting, and to please stop thinking about what this family, group, clique, cult are doing, have done and will be doing in the near future. Sa totoo lang, kahit tumakbo pa sila ng hubo’t hubad sa EDSA hindi na kami magtataka. ‘Coz they think that way. Truth be told, the video in question is not even at par of what we are expecting from Mich Liggayu. Girl, asan ang FHM cover mo? Dapat April issue ikaw na ang cover, yung hubo’t hubad at walang kahihiyan at ibinibenta na talaga ng bonggang-bongga ang kaluluwa! You are short-changing yourself! All out na kung all out! Walang hiya-hiya! Go lang! Tingnan mo si Ellen Adarna. She is also an internet sensation. Look at where she is now — doing exercise videos without a bra. Getting too drunk and interviewed on TV looking and sounding really “bangag.” But some people adore here. Many guys would give half of their balls just to sleep with her. Because many people are just shallow that way. Many people have forgotten what tact, taste, class is all about. Basta may boobs na lumilitaw, yun na! Wala ng kahihiyan ang ibang mga lalaki ngayon. So bank on it! I say goferit! (To the men, I am not saying that all of you are that shallow, but we have heard quite a few of your kind to know that many of our age and older are just that sickening!)
While some of us in JUAN are already apathetic with their actions and oblivious to their lives, and have chosen to co-exist with the jejes, I personally have chosen the same and have decided to live in a world where jejes are in far off Antartica. We can choose to be better, to live better lives, and to stick by the principles and morals that our aged parents have once taught us. Be okay with what you know is right. If others don’t follow suit, that is their problem, not yours. Let’s all shut up already and be glad. Things could be worse. They could be you.

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