28 Feb Mich Liggayu of ‘Jamich’ teaches us the art of handling grief — magka-oras magkilay



JUAN SAYS: Let us start this commentary by saying that we are neither haters nor bashers. How can you hate or bash something that you don’t know? We were never really familiar with ”Jamich” nor what it stood for. Sure we are familiar with internet sensations, we’ve seen videos of Pinoy singers that were discovered by Ellen, but in all sincerity, we had no idea who or what Jamich was until recently, when our facebook timelines were flooded with photos and articles from legitimate news websites which featured an ill-stricken guy and a girl whom we assumed to be his wife or girlfriend. What made us take notice of this couple is not exactly their story, but how the other half, Michelle, is reacting to the whole situation. Saan ka pa nakakita ng babaeng nagdadalamhati na pagka-ganda-ganda! Ayos na ayos ang kilay, naka-make up at parang bagong plantsa ang buhok (forgive us if the hair is actually rebonded). We never knew that you can look this beautiful when distraught.
Some of us in JUAN have lost loved ones too: parents, siblings, dogs, but we don’t ever recall lamenting and having the time to even pluck our eyebrows during our “hour of grief.” We do not understand the agony of the family, not even Michelle’s, but we do understand our own. (We’re sorry but we are not doing a Kris Aquino or a PNoy who said: ‘I understand how you feel.’) Kesehodang nakapambahay ka, naka-paa ka, gugustuhin mong lumipad at makatabi na lamang ang taong mahal mo sa mga nalalabi niyang oras. We are sure that most of you will agree that when your loved one is sick, you will not even have the time to think about how you look like, heck, you will even forget when was the last time you ate. Because nothing is more harrowing, more painful than to see your loved one suffer.
Pero nakuha ni Mich na mag-guest sa “The Buzz.”



At mag-flashmob for Valentines. Though we found this really sweet, we somehow felt that something was amiss.
Then all the weeping photos, selfies with the sick loved one were posted on the internet. Coping mechanism perhaps? Or a way to gain more attention? Diba kapag nagdadalamhati ka ayaw mo namang pinagpipyestahan ka? Minsan nga gusto mo na lang sumigaw sa mga taong nagtatanong kung anong nangyari ng “it is none of your business?” Or is it just us that when we are in our darkest hours we would rather be alone or at least be with the ones who are really close to us or those who share in our misery because they are family.
We cringe every time we see photos of Jam. We are very familiar with how cancer eats up the whole person, little by little, bit by bit. Para siyang nauupos na kandila. And as you have seen, it is not a very pretty sight. We know what it is to see a person suffer from cancer and it is heart breaking to say the least. We do not dare take pictures of our loved ones who have passed on because of cancer for the simple reason that when they are gone, we do not wish to relieve the moments when they were hallucinating, crying out in agonizing pain; those moments when all we prayed for was for God to intervene. We have always believed that there should be dignity in every human life, even in sickness, even in suffering, even in death. Konting respeto naman sana kay Jam. 
If you really love the person, wouldn’t you want to protect him? To preserve his memory, and just to let everybody remember him as a healthy, happy human being? Wala atang nakaisip noon. Ang nakaka-inis pa, ang hilig pang mag-selfie. Parang may saltik lang talaga!
A few hours ago, Mich posted a video clip of Jam thanking his fans for all the support. As a PR maven has expressed in her facebook post “only a FAMEWHORE would video a clip of someone dying and post it like a retard on social media. There are some things best kept in private and not for public consumption. Even the hospital room looks like a circus with the number of onlookers = bacteria.” And we wouldn’t agree more. Unless of course you are Kris Aquino, na wala ka na ngang itinira kahit para na lang sa kahihiyan mo. But the thing is, do you really want to go that far? By the looks of it, you are gladly on your way to that route of self-absorption and fame whoring. Sad. Just sad.
What then is the most logical reason why these people continue to post pictures of a dying person, a loved one at that? Your guess is as good as ours.
At nag-imbita pa ng mga artista? Or did they voluntarily go because they felt very close to the sick person? Or they are just media whoring just like what we are feeling in this… this… much publicized road to the inevitable? Sana hindi naman.
It is a big puzzle how grief is being handled by Mich. It is not to say that everybody handles pain the same way, but when it is handled with much attention, people begin to wonder: who stands to gain in all these? Hindi na kami magtataka kung isang araw si Mich ay artista na sa ABS-CBN. Then the theory would have been proven. Not in victory, but a sad realization on what some people are capable of doing for the price of stardom. When that happens, eat your heart our Kris Aquino, may kalaban ka na!
P.S. Our prayers for Jam Sebastian, may the Lord’s will be done.
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