19 Mar Let Pia have a ‘relationship’ with her crown!



Juan Says: Can we please allow the reigning Bb. Pilipinas Universe to relish in her moment as queen before we start linking her to men? Can a woman simply bask in her own glory and her own success without having to be defined by who she’s dating? Pia worked hard to receive her moment, let her have it.
In an interview in Abunda and Aquino Tonight, Kris Aquino asked Pia point blank: “Are you dating my brother?”
A not so direct answer by Pia goes: “I know him. I talk to him, he’s very fun to talk to.”
Pia has been linked to football player Phil Younghusband. But Pia was quick to dismiss both alleged suitors saying she is busy preparing for the Miss Universe pageant where she will be the country’s representative this 2015.
“This is my first day as Miss Universe-Philippines, I’m just trying to savor the moment. I’ve been waiting for this crown for a long time. Matagal kong niligawan ang koronang ito. Ito (crown) ang boyfriend ko ngayon,” she said.
Pia is 25. She worked very hard to earn that crown and she should be given the liberty to have a “relationship” with the crown instead of men (or boys) who still do not know when and how to say sorry, or those who do not understand the full length of their job descriptions, or those who merely ride on with the tide. The crown (or any career for that matter) can many times be more satisfying than a boy who is still in conflict with his priorities in life, especially if this is what you’ve been gunning for, worked hard for and wanted for almost all your life. Sometimes a crown can be better especially when you are just 25! We are with you Pia! Go reach your stars!


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