28 May Kris Congratulates LENI and Makes It About Herself… Again.



JUAN SAYS: While everyone who voted for Leni Robredo are all praises for her simplicity and no-fuss attitude with regards to how she conducts herself, there lies her biggest endorser who is the exact opposite of what Leni espouses.


On her instagram post congratulating Leni, Kris Aquino wrote: “A friend told me, ‘Kris, wag mo naman itaya ang lahat. Paano kung matalo si Leni?’ I smiled in reply and said marami kaming kakampi sa langit. Happy Birthday Sec. Jesse!” 
And… she just made it about herself again. Her annoying self just can’t help it, it just had to bounce back to the universe’s source of light, and that is, herself.
“Yes, for me this fight was personal. IT WAS FOR MY MOM’s MEMORY. Kaya binigay ko ang lahat for VP Leni. Ganoon ako pinalaki, nakikipaglaban ng buo ang puso! Thank you God for answered prayers! CONGRATULATIONS to my VP, my inspiration!” she concluded.
Leni’s win, we would like to believe iS a poor redemption of the so-called “Kris Magic.” Because of her self inflicted drama, Kris has lost her influence on the GenX and GenY fans. Those who have grown up have gotten tired of Krissie’s whole circus. Her endorsing Leni, as she narrates in a story in Inquirer, has made her feel that she still hasn’t lost it.
The election process and system is still marred by doubts and questions of cheating by the yellow. Many questions regarding statistical data and probabilities and questionable acts of Smartmatic has yet to be fleshed out, but yellows and Kris included have reassured themselves that they are still in the game.
Who are they kidding anyways?
No matter if Congress declares Leni as the Vice President in their official canvass, no matter if Comelec brushes away all questions and dismisses it as trivial, 14M Filipinos still have doubts on the legitimacy of the declared Vice President. Shouldn’t they, the yellows and Kris Aquino included, feel this too?
In this day and age where everything is possible, even your conscience can be tricked to believe in lies and hold on to it as “gospel truth.”
And as for Kris Aquino, when was it ever for the greater good? It can be, if it is about herself. That is her only greater good.


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