11 Aug Kabit Siya. Period.



JUAN SAYS: We can’t be any more proud of Keri Washington, the star of Scandal, playing the lead character Olivia Pope. While many stars of today will hype on the strength of the character, Keri zeroes in on what is evident in the story. She says that Olivia Pope is not exactly a good role model.
“I’ve always thought it was misguided when people tell me that Olivia is their role model,” the 38-year-old revealed Tuesday at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills.
Why some people may ask. “Because she’s having an affair with a married man, who is President of the United States,” she explained, before adding, “And a murderer.” (Read full story here.)
We will not go that route as to say that with the current times we should not be judgmental of extra marital affairs. Because to say that, is to throw away the very foundations that our current society is built on. Kabit siya period. And that is not something that every woman must emulate or must aspire to be. Sure Olivia Pope is a flawed character, and who isn’t. But considering the fact that she is pictured to be intelligent and strong, it simply doesn’t make sense that she will not use her brain and tell herself that a relationship with a married man is bad news. And love should never be an excuse. If people fail to see this, we will say it bluntly. To be smart and powerful, and engage yourself in an illicit affair shows the kind of character you have. You are weak, which is the long and short of the story. Knowing that something is wrong, and doing it anyway because of love shows your weak stance on your life. You know you deserve better than just be called a mistress. You know you deserve more than just “the woman he runs to when he is down,” because the woman who is strong and smart, knows that she is worth more than that.


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