08 Sep Kabit Na Naman?



by Rommel Maglaya 
Many well-mannered people (and I emphasize well-mannered) have raised eyebrows after seeing the trailer of the forthcoming film Etiquette for Mistresses. Well, the title is catchy just like the book version of it. Yes, the movie is based on the book written by Julie Yap Daza with full title “Etiquette for Mistresses and What Wives Can Learn From Them” (so what). Okay, let’s slice up the relevance or need for a film that teaches these bitches how to be an “educated” mistress (fuck that premise).
In an interview by ABS-CBN, film director Chito Rono (one of the best directors alive) emphasized that the movie revolved on the eight out of twenty-eight “rules on becoming a mistress” presented in the book. Actress Claudine Baretto said “”May matututunan dito ‘di lang ang mga mistress, kungdi mga asawa, pati na rin mga lalaki,” (I say: matututong magpalusot). Kris Aquino, on the other hand said her character, a chef, is well-mannered and soft-spoken despite her illicit involvement. “Two sides of a mistress ‘yung makikita ninyo. Meron ‘yung palaban, nagwawala,” she said, pointing at Barretto, “tapos merong proper!” Remind lang kita Kris ha, not because hindi nagwawala is proper na ang pagiging kabit. Kahit kailan ka talaga Kris, kulang ka na nga sa acting prowess di ka pa magaling mag explain, sadyang madaldal ka lang kaya may talk shows ka (pero lagi sa interview pinipilit mong ipasok sarili mo even no one is asking at di na masydo nakakapag salita guests mo hehe). Hearing the actors justify the content of the film is sickening. Ganito na ba talaga ang trend, para kumita ang pelikula pag uusapan ang kalandian at mga walang sense na analysis sa role ng ilang cast members para lang i-justify na may ‘sense’ yung ginawa nila sa movie. I admit have no plans of watching the movie, but have read the book and do not see the strong need to create a film version of it because the book just enumerated how to act properly if ever one has become a mistress. IF one has become, not to teach how to become (ewan ko lang sa movie). But Star Cinema had a different lens, the monetary lens.
Bitch, kailan pa naging ‘trend’ at ‘sosyal” ang maging kabit (Oops sorry may celebrity /politicians tayong mga kilala na pa-sosyal kabit naman). Being a mistress is something to be ashamed off and must not to be embarked on but the movie is glamorizing the kabits (wag niyo i-deny yan Star Cinema baka isampal ko sa inyo yung trailer na nagpapakita ang babaeng ay kabit, mayaman, class, at sosyal. Aba naman eh di sana si G.B. na lang kinuha nyong bida para straight-role na) Ayan na lang ba ang kayang ioffer ng ABS-CBN/ Star Cinema, baket sa isang taon ilang serye/ film ang ginagawa niyo about kabit. Simple lang, kasi mabenta, pera! Profit! Business is business di ba?!
Try niyo kaya hiramin ang writers ng Kalye Serye ng Eat Bulaga baka sakaling mag hit din without compromising moral / ethical issues.
A facebook post from Anna Katrina Esteves Pascual can help us understand more why there is no need for this kind of film:


Seriously??!?!??? You will allow this kind of movie? Etiquette for Mistresses?!??!? Kaya dumadami ang makakapal ang mukha eh.. This is disappointing, nakakastress naman kasi talaga.😡
Una pinalabas nyo yung “No Other Woman” and “The Mistress” tapos may Teleserye pang “Two Wives” and “The Legal Wife”. Recently lang naglabas nanaman kayo ng movie na “The Love Affair” tapos eto naman? Are these the only kind of stories that your writers can produce? Whatever happened to the the time when its a shame to be a mistress? Now you’re celebrating them by making a movie about them. You’re one of the biggest television networks in the Philippines. Women and children are idolizing your actors and actresses. Didn’t you know that you have a moral obligation to your viewers to promote what is good? Yes its true that they, the Mistresses exist, Yes its true that its a big of an issue specially to Filipino families, for sure it has always been an issue, but do we really have to see this on screen again and again? You know that its wrong yet most of your shows are about affairs and betrayal and cheating? No wonder why kids nowadays are so liberated, malicious at walang mga breeding. (Pasintabi po, hindi naman lahat, meron paring matitino.) Okay na ung minsan nagpalabas kayo ng ganyang story, pero huwag na sana paulit-ulit.
Some of us are fed up with those kinds of stories and its insulting to the many wives who are watching. I, myself, is a wife and Im not impressed. Why don’t you focus on other things like love, family, about God o kaya Philippine history. Trials on love and family doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a third party. Marami naman factors kung bakit nagkakaproblema ang mga tao di ba? Kailangan third party agad? There are a lot of stories that can inspire and give hope, sana yung mga ganun na lang ang ipalabas nyo. You are paying these great actors and actresses that are so influential to work on movies like this. Imagine if they star on a moral and inspiring movie, not only will that movie be a block buster but you’re also helping in molding today’s children to be better Filipino citizens or even save families from tearing apart.

In the end, Star Cinema, shall indeed realize their moral obligation to its audience especially the youth of today’s generation, who are some, products of broken families, because of the mistresses they glorify in exchange for box office turnovers. For the producer of the film, I offer a passage on responsible filmmaking from the website www.northlightpro.com, may you learn something from it:

A filmmaker is trying to evoke an emotion or response from the audience.  While this is an art form and one that cannot be censored, the moral responsibility of a filmmaker must lie within.  Only they can decide what is right to show and what is not, but as our society continues to move towards violence and chaos, part of our sensitivity could be related to the amount of violence and chaos we as audience members have seen in film.  Some filmmakers may feel that a response by society whether positive or negative gives meaning to their film and therefore was a success, but film can be a dangerous tool like any medium and the ability for a filmmaker to navigate the line of moral responsibility to society with societies own reality should be a careful and conscious issue at the forefront of any film.


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