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JUAN SAYS: Don’t we all just love Ellen (not the bird. Not the bird!) Her wit and sense of humor (told you it’s not the bird) never did fail to make our day. Just when every girl from almost every part of the world is in dreamland after George Clooney paid tribute to his wife at the Golden Globes, Ellen just had to say something. And what a way to make a statement! We were laughing to bits and pieces. We love you Ellen (bird or no bird) to the moon and back! You are so JUAN!



Ellen DeGeneres Spoofs
George Clooney’s Golden Globe Awards Speech
— With Amal Alamuddin’s Help!
Source: eonlinenews.com
If you watched the Golden Globes Sunday night, then you’re probably still weeping over George Clooney’s speech when he won the Cecil B. DeMille Award. What started out as an already above average acceptance speech quickly turned into one of the most heartwarming moments in awards show history when he began addressing his wife, Amal Clooney.
Tears were shed, “Awwws” were said, but there was one person who was none too pleased with how his speech ended, and that is Ellen DeGeneres.
“There were a lot of good speeches, and his was amazing, but it just did not end the way that I thought it would,” she told her audience Tuesday.
When she played his speech, there was one minor difference this time around. Ellen has been superimposed next to Amal! Dressed in a blue dress and, of course, massive pieces of jewelry, Ellen soaked up all of the words that she believed are being spoken to her. But as soon as George said “Amal” towards the very end, Ellen spat out her champagne in shock.
“Amal?!” the Ellen DeGeneres Show host exclaimed.
She reluctantly admitted defeat by rolling her eyes and clapping, but then chugged her champagne to numb her (and our) pain. After she turned off the hilarious, but obviously emotionally difficult video, Ellen admitted she was confused about certain events that evening.
“I don’t know why they sat me next to her, or why I was wearing a dress,” she quipped.
Who knows, maybe Ellen would have paid slightly better attention to the Monuments Men actor’s speech than his wife did, as she was caught spacing out during her loving husband’s tribute. Yikes!



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