02 Aug JESSY MENDIOLA and her brave front



JUAN SAYS: We are not fans of Jessy Mendiola. We do know that she has her own share of shit that needs to be dealt with. She is not perfect. But for argument’s sake, we are just taking her sound bytes into consideration.


It is a known fact that from the time she got involved in the Lizquen airplane dispute, to the alleged reason why the Angle-Luis relationship shattered to pieces, Jessy has been the receiving end of countless criticisms and this time around, she won’t take it sitting down.

We are sure that Jessy cried buckets of tears as her name was dragged in every controversy that she has managed to get herself entangled with. We are sure that there were sleepless nights where Jessy played all of these events inside her head wishing that she should have done things differently; figuring out where she went wrong. We know, because we all have been there. We too, at one point in our lives, have found ourselves entangled with a mess that we never saw coming. We too spent whole nights thinking of the events that happened and thinking what the fuck did I do to deserve this?

Some people are just there to hurt you. Some people will do anything and everything they can to take a shot at you. And when you finally stand up, and say it for what is… you are the bitch.

And today, Jessy chose to stand up for herself, and fight her battles with the best way she knows how: putting up a brave front. With NO apologies. And to her many detractors, she is a bitch. An egoistic, self-centered bitch. Then what then does that make all of you? ANGELS? WTF guys. WTF.

Just because we all thought that she stole someone’s boyfriend, just because she was supposedly the reason why your favorite love team broke up, just because she has big thighs, just because the whole town painted her to be the villain her, does it make her the villain. Calm down, you could be wrong too.

Remember this quote: “What you hear about me may be true, but it could be as fake as the bitch who told you.” Not because they are the aggrieved party does it mean that they are right. Not because they come off as the victim does it mean that they are squeaky clean. We are sure that at one point in their lives, they too stole someone’s boyfriend, they too sinned just like Jessy did. And that folks doesn’t make them ANGELS!

Sade Andria Zabala in her facebook post says this:

I just want to say – I don’t usually care about pinoy showbiz or FHM’s sexiest, but the amount of sexist bullshit I’ve seen from SO MANY OF MY FB “FRIENDS” (especially adult women) is really disheartening.

Please stop perpetuating the idea women must compete with other women. Please stop slut-shaming Jessie Mendiola (did I spell that right?). Please stop calling her arrogant or needing a dose of “humble pie” (I’ve seen the video of her winning comment, there’s nothing arrogant about it, you have just been brought up to HATE and condemn proud, confident and sexually open women). Please stop hating on her just because she “destroyed” your favorite love team. Please stop saying someone else “who didn’t need to be naked or dress promiscuously” should’ve won. Please stop posting photos of her Claiming she got “fat” and doesn’t deserve the win. Please stop talking like one type of woman is better or worse than another because we are not products. Just please stop for a second and filter what you post – even if it’s about celebrities.

The amount of clothes a woman wears does NOT EQUAL how much self-respect and dignity she has. If you think a girl is of less value and less honorable because she’s “dressed and acts sexy” and another girl is better because she’s “covered and dressed properly” – that is fucked up. The problem does not lie with the girls, it lies with how YOU view them – as pretty things to look at, as objects that compete with one another.

I’ve seen more respect given towards roosters in a cock fight than what Jessie has gotten today.

I hope you can take a second to look at yourselves internally and ask – why do you react this way? Why do you think it’s okay to talk this way? Who taught you to be like this?

It’s really gross and sad to see. And actually proves her comment right about you being a bitter hater.

I guess it doesn’t matter how rich you are, or how educated you are… when it comes to being sexist by slut-shaming other women and demonizing the female body, we Filipino girls (and boys) are experts. No one hates our own gender more than we do.

P.S. More importantly, Jessie will never know you and doesn’t give a shit about you.

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