25 Sep It’s Really Happening!



JUAN SAYS: Suicide Squad is arguably the worst comic book material to hit the silver screen, that is if we read the comments by many of the comic book’s fanatics that simply cringed at the whole story plot of the movie. If there was one saving grace that this movie had, it was Harley Quinn. And until today, nobody can stop talking about her. In a month’s time, a good number of Halloween Ball attendees would be dressed like her, and that in itself is a winning moment. The character that was Harley Quinn made a damned good mark on the minds of its viewers that her real story (that of a psychopathec obsessed woman to the worst criminal there is “The Joker) was overshadowed by the powerful portrayal of Australian actress Margot Robbie. 


Recent news revealed that Margot signed a movie deal with the producers to make a stand alone Harley Quinn movie. We are not sure how the storyline would go, and we are hoping that she maintains her bad ass persona that just wouldn’t give up on love. Yeah, we’re suckers for romance like that. We are already predicting the success of the Harley Quinn movie, but we are quite uncertain about its impact on the millennial who might think that this is how love is supposed to be. 

Reminder kids, it is not OK to fall in love with the wrong man, a psychopath at that. This is just a movie. Nothing like real life. 

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